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The Customized Minor provides opportunities for students to pursue a field of interest in the form of a minor that is not provided by the established curriculum. A Customized Minor is a minimum 15-credit suite of courses. The content of the Individualized Minor must be sufficiently different from existing minors at Pratt and coherently propose a field of study that is adequately covered with the proposed courses. 

Customized/Individualized Minor FAQ
Customized Minor Guidelines
Customized Minor Form
Customized Minor Student Worksheet

Interested in proposing a Customized Minor of your own? 

Step 1: Speak to your Academic Advisor and/or Director of Interdisciplinary Study (Amir Parsa) or Program Assistant (Rebecca Armstrong) in the Office of the Provost
Step 2: Attend a Fuse Information Session (These cover all aspects of Customized Minor)
Step 3: Submit proposal form and all requisite documents 

Note: Approval of a Customized Minor is contingent upon a selective review process. Proposing a Customized Minor does not guarantee approval.

Spring 2019 Customized Minor Orientation Sessions:

March 5, 12-2, North Hall 306
March 7, 5-7, North Hall 307

Note: You must attend ONE information Session. Only after attending will you be able to propose a minor.

For more information, contact Amir Parsa ( or Rebecca Armstrong ( in the Office of the Provost.