Educating for the Future

Creative education for the future is the overarching theme of Pratt’s new strategic plan, and exploring new models for education is an important area of discussion in academia. We live during a time of dramatic change, where the landscape is quickly shifting. How is Pratt preparing its students for careers and technologies that aren’t here yet?

In the series, “Educating for the Future,” educators across Pratt’s disciplines share their vision as to how they are educating students for a world that is quickly evolving—and reflect on what is needed to prepare the next generation for an environment that is rapidly changing.

Learn how Pratt’s educators are addressing what the future of education will bring to their field. Read “Educating for the Future” columns by:

Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Chair David Erdman (School of Architecture) 

Undergraduate Architecture Chair Erika Hinrichs (School of Architecture)

Arts and Cultural Management and Design Management Chair Mary McBride (School of Art)

Construction and Facilities Management Chair Regina Ford Cahill (School of Architecture)

Creative Arts Therapy Chair Julie Miller (School of Art)

Film/Video Chair Jorge Oliver (School of Art) 

Fine Arts Chair Jane South (School of Art)

Foundation Chair Leslie Mutchler (School of Art and School of Design)

History of Art and Design Chair John Decker (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Industrial Design Chair Constantin Boym (School of Design)

Information - Associate Professor Chris Alen Sula (School of Information)

Information Experience Design - Associate Professor Craig MacDonald (School of Information)

Library and Information Science - Professor Debbie Rabina (School of Information)

Mathematics and Science Chair Helio Takai (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Photography Chair Shannon Ebner (School of Art)

Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment Chair Eve Baron (School of Architecture)