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Research energy, ideas, innovation, and scholarship can be found throughout the Pratt Institute community. From leading new community development policy research, to developing new sustainable art with robotics, to advancing research in K-12 art and design education, to knitting new wearables with conductive yarn, to visualizing unique GIS datasets, the #PrattResearchPower is endless. These research stories of innovation, impact, and reflective design practice, are being told through events, exhibits, publications, and entrepreneurship. Below are five campus-wide centers that are leading the way, along with research in all of our schools from Liberal Arts and Sciences to Architecture.

Through partnerships, alliances, government and foundation grants, Pratt faculty, staff, and students are changing what we know about our world.

The mission of the Office of Research & Strategic Partnerships is to uncover, communicate, and foster the creative future with the Pratt faculty, staff, and students that can support research scholarship, community activism, and academic leadership.

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The Research Centers exhibit at the Library, Brooklyn Campus, Summer 2018.
The Research Centers exhibit at the Library, Brooklyn Campus, Summer 2018.

Research Clinic Hours

Signup for time to brainstorm with our research staff in the Provost’s Office on your new ideas, possible funding paths, opportunities for strategic partnerships and more.

Email to tell us what Tuesday and time you would like to meet, and send any materials we should read prior to meeting. Should these hours not work for your schedule, please feel free to email the above address for a separate appointment. Please complete as much of the research summary form as you can and include a brief paragraph describing your research idea.

Let Us Know What You’re Doing

With any of the funding opportunities, we ask that you please fill out this form and email it or walk it over to the team at the Research and Strategic Partnerships Office (North 206). This way we can help you work on your proposal (e.g., develop budgets, submit forms) and track your success. The more we know how you are doing, the more we can help you achieve their goals.

Pratt’s Office of Research & Strategic Partnerships within the Office of the Provost will, where appropriate and possible, license Intellectual Property to outside organizations for further development and commercialization. Any royalties derived from any such licenses will be shared with the inventor(s) according to Pratt’s Intellectual Property Policy. By submitting this form, you notify Pratt Institute of your Intellectual Property and any relevant sponsorship, related agreements and publication history. Note that “Intellectual Property” is defined within the Pratt Institute Intellectual Property Policy, at the link above.

For Further Queries

Feel free to contact the Research & Strategic Partnership team at:

Or email Allison Druin, Associate Provost for Strategic Partnerships at:

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