SideLights Video Project

SideLights is a collaborative project between the Division of Information Technology and selected faculty and students in the Film/Video Department. Our mission is to document people and events at Pratt with video vignettes. Like their namesake in cinema, SideLights illuminate interesting, important and otherwise hidden aspects of their subject. Pratt Film/Video majors direct and edit the videos, and the students are mentored by two members of the Pratt Film/ Video Faculty who produce, instruct and critique the students’ work from initial concept to final cut.

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SideLights Biographies

Information Technology

Joe Hemway

V.P. of Information Technology & CIO, Pratt Institute

Bryan Wizeman

Director of Interactive Services, Pratt Institute

Isabel Veguilla

Educational Applications Specialist, Pratt Institute

Student Directors, Pratt Film/Video Department

Arthur Thompson, Pratt BFA, Film, 2011

Daniel Torres, Pratt BFA, Film, 2011

Head of Bloginity TV at Bloginity

April Maxey, Pratt BFA, Film, 2012

David Adeogun, Pratt BFA, Film 2012

Stephen Mondics, Pratt BFA, Film, 2013

Sean Dahlberg, Pratt BFA, Film, 2013

Patrick Hanover, Pratt BFA, Film, 2014

Chris Minor, Pratt BFA, Film, 2014

Hayden Hoyl, Pratt BFA, Film, 2015

Azure McBride, Pratt BFA, Film, 2015

Parker Maimbourg, Pratt BFA, Film, 2016

Producer/Faculty Advisor

Deborah Meehan, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA, Film, 1980

Deborah is a filmmaker, the co-creator and creative producer for SideLights, and serves as a full-time tenured professor in the Pratt Film/Video Department.

Josh Koury, Pratt BFA, Film, 2001

Josh is a filmmaker and serves as SideLights’ faculty advisor and associate producer. He is currently an adjunct assistant professor in the Pratt Film/Video Department.