Your email, web calendar, and cloud storage is now powered by Google.



Your email account did not change. You can access your email by adding Google's email server information to your preferred mail client (such as Outlook or Apple Mail) or directly at

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With Google Calendar, you will be able to keep track of important events, share your schedule, and create multiple calendars at

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Cloud Storage

Google Drive allows users and teams to store, sync, and share unlimited files at

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Google Transition FAQs

Why is Pratt switching to Google?
Google’s suite of products have become the industry standard for safety, security, space, and cost for using communication and storage tools in the cloud. Google’s data security, ease of use, ubiquity, and commitment to privacy are second to none.

Is my information secure?
Yes. More than 700 full-time engineers—including some of the world’s foremost experts in computer security—work to protect your information. Security is at the core of Google’s architecture, and they work to improve it every day. The Google security team has published hundreds of academic research papers on information security. It has led the way in discovering software vulnerabilities and broadly implementing protections like data encryption and two-step verification.

Is my information private?
In order to to reaffirm the commitments Google has made to schools, Google has signed the Student Privacy Pledge. This pledge, introduced by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), is intended to reflect their commitment to safeguard student personal information in their services designed for use in schools. When you use Google services, you trust them with your data. It is Google’s responsibility to be clear about what they collect and how they use it to make their services work better for you. You decide what types of data Google collects and uses.

How will this affect my personal gmail account?
This transition won’t affect other google accounts you may have, though you can choose to combine your Pratt account with your existing personal Google account. Your email storage for your Pratt account will be unlimited. If you created a personal Google account using your email in the past, your accounts will conflict. These helpful videos provide a conflicting accounts walkthrough, and also a quick tutorial on how to merge conflicting accounts.

Do I need to update my browser?
We highly recommend to use the current available versions of the web browser you prefer, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Will my OneKey change, or will I need to update my password?
No. Your OneKey and existing password will still be your single-sign-on authentication.


Can I share my calendar with others?
Yes. With Google Calendar, you can choose to share your calendar with other coworkers’ calendars. You can also have Google find mutually available times for invited guests. However, your information about your own appointments cannot be viewed by others.

Cloud Storage

How much storage do I receive?
You are entitled to unlimited storage.

Can I use Google Drive with multiple people?
Yes. Google offers Team Drives, which allow team members to easily store, search, and access their files anywhere from any device.

Can I share a file from Google Drive?
Yes. Just click on the Share icon in the upper right of the screen, and enter a colleague’s email address.


Can I still use my favorite email client?
You can access your email by adding Google's email server information to your preferred mail client (such as Outlook or Apple Mail) or directly at

Do I have to change my settings on my mobile device?
Yes. Mobile users can always use the Gmail app or Inbox by Google, which simplifies setup. In iOS (Apple), you only need to add a Gmail account, using your Pratt OneKey credentials, and the settings are automatically populated for email, calendar and contacts.

How do I forward my email?
All users who currently have forwarding and want to keep that set up in gmail must log into the gmail web interface and set it up there.

How do I set a vacation email?
All users who have an out of office reply and want to keep it in gmail must log into the gmail web interface and set it up there.

How do I set up email for my desktop client?
On a Pratt computer, this should be done for you automatically. However, if you would like to do it yourself, first sign into myPratt to synchronize accounts. Then create a new account in your email client with and and using your full email address and OneKey password for the login.

Will I have Pratt email as a Pratt Alumnus?
As a graduate of an academic program at Pratt, Alumni will still have access to their email. If you have not used your Pratt email account within 400 days after graduation, please reach out to the Pratt Alumni Relations Office to reactivate your account and update your password.

WIll the login to myPratt look the same?
Yes. Once you login to myPratt and visit the MAIL page, you will be able to view recent messages and various settings after you authorize account access. You can then link directly to gmail without the need to sign in.

Data Migration

What data is being uploaded to Google?
The email messages in your inboxes and folders from the legacy Pratt email system will be uploaded to your new Pratt Gmail account.

When will all of my older email be available in my Pratt Gmail account?
Due to the large number of variables that affect a large scale data migration such as this Google’s documentation states that it is not possible to estimate how long the migration process will take to complete. The legacy email system will continue to be available via and desktop or mobile email clients until the migration process is complete.

Will I still have my email folders?
In your old mail program, you might have stored email you want to keep in folders. In Gmail, you use labels to categorize your email. Labels are like folders, but with a twist: you can apply multiple labels to a message, then later find the message by looking in any of its labels. Learn more about labels in Get started with Gmail.

What do some of the labels in my account have an underscore character in front of them?
Google has reserved certain label names and if your account on Pratt’s legacy system has any folders with these reserved names Gmail will place an underscore in front of the label name. In our testing we have seen _Archive and _Sent created.

What is the migration/dms-temp label?
This is a temporary label that is created by the data migration process and it can be safely deleted from your account after the data migration process is complete.

Why were some messages with attachments not uploaded?
Google’s data migration tool will not upload email messages with attachments ending in .exe or .zip.