The Pratt IT Division is comprised of four departments: Academic Computing, Enterprise Systems, Educational Technology, and Interactive Services. While each of the departments has a distinct set of roles at Pratt Institute, the team members of each department work in a highly cooperative manner.

Academic Computing

Academic Computing handles educational technology, user accounts, the computer labs, the laptop program, internet access, network services and the Technology Desk. Academic Computing also assists in the acquisition of technology as outlined in the Technology Approval Policy.

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems handles the technology that is often behind the scenes of official information here at Pratt. The Pratt ID card, also called the PrattCard, is your “key” to the campus, providing you with convenient access to a variety of features and services. Use it as your personal meal card, building access card, library card, and print and copy card too.

Enterprise Technology Planning (ETP) works with the Institute's community to ensure the alignment of IT with Institute strategy. ETP serves as a liaison with stakeholders in each division for the purposes of seeing their inquiries, projects and general needs addressed in a holistic, timely and complete manner.

Interactive Services

Interactive Services creates and supports the many websites and applications Pratt offers online, such as, myPratt, the Pratt Intranet, Policy Portal, Pratt’s LMS & ePortfolio, Talks.Pratt and Pratt Commons. Interactive Services also oversees Pratt TV, which comprises of almost 40 digital displays throughout the campus, as well as Pratt’s Media Studio, which helps capture lectures and events for display on

Divisional Goals

  • Develop and maintain good practice, governance, security and system architecture campus-wide.
  • Provide leadership in the selection and appropriate use of technology.
  • Articulate and clarify the role of IT in processes supported with technology.
  • Empower users of technology at Pratt to identify and apply appropriate technology to their processes.
  • Build clarity and appropriateness for the various internal and external users of the institutional window that is Pratt IT.

For help with technical issues, please contact the Technology Desk at 718.636.3765.