Pratt is committed to addressing food insecurity on campus. If you’re experiencing food insecurity, please check out some of the apps and organizations below to locate food pantries, sign up for benefits, or find free/low-cost food. We have also opened a Food Pantry on the Brooklyn campus.

Need additional help? Contact Jasmine Cuffie from Health Services at

Apps anD Websites

  1. Sharemeals —  an app that allows Pratt community members to post events with free or leftover food, as well as connect with students who have extra meal points. To use, just download the app or visit their website.
  2. Food for All — restaurants sell food they’d otherwise throw away right before closing at a 50% discount and sometimes for as low as $3. You can download the app via the Apple App Store or on Google Play for Android.
  3. Wandering Aid — created by a Pratt student. Provides information on where to find services and resources like food, furniture, childcare, and more. Accepts suggestions for resources and has a fillable form for people to request help.
  4. — contains information about where to find food pantries and soup kitchens across all 50 United States.
  5. Food Bank of New York — the city’s largest hunger-relief organization offers an interactive map of food pantries and soup kitchens, as well as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) registration centers and organizations that offer free tax prep.

If you experience food insecurity due to lack of funds, you may quality for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP/EBT. Qualifications depend on your status as a full or part-time student, number of dependents, if you’re working, and other life factors. Want to see if you qualify? You can apply at

If you want in-person assistance with the application, here are local community organizations in Brooklyn that can help:

  1. Institute for Family Health at Cadman Plaza; 300 Cadman Plaza West, One Pierrepont Plaza, 17th floor, 844.434.2778
  2. NYC Health + Hospital at Kings County Hospital; 451 Clarkson Avenue, 718.245.3131
  3. St. John’s Bread of Life, 795 Lexington Avenue, 718.584.0058

Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens near Pratt

  1. St John’s Bread and Life: 795 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, 718.584.0058
    1. Food Pantry
      1. Monday–Thursday, 8–11:30 AM; Friday, 9–11:30 AM; Extended Hours on Thursday 3–6:30 PM
      2. To become a member, come to the Pantry on Monday–Thursday, 8–11:30 AM and bring one photo ID and a proof of address
    2. Soup Kitchen
      1. Breakfast - 8–9:30 AM
      2. Lunch - 10:30 AM–12:30 PM
    3. Cooking Education
    4. Healthy Food recipes
  2. Christian Fellowship Life Center: 132 Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn, 718.314.1165
    1. Food Pantry
      1. Thursday, 2–6 PM
  3. Northeast Brooklyn Services: 376 Throop Street, Brooklyn, 917.417.8398
    1. Food Pantry
      1. Tuesday and Thursday, 10 AM–12 PM
  4. Hanson Place SDA Community Service: 88 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, 718.230.1602 
    1. Soup Kitchen
      1. Sunday and Wednesday, 1–2 PM
  5. Bridge Street Missionary Feeding Program: 277 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn, 718.452.3936 
    1. Soup Kitchen
      1. Wednesday 11 AM–1:30 PM

Money Management

For many students, college is the first time they’ve ever had to budget for food, art supplies, and entertainment. New York is an expensive city and money can go very quickly, leading students to make tough choices between food and other needs. Check out some tips below for how to manage your resources:

  1. Make a budget. Look at how much money and Pratt Bucks you have and determine how much you can spend on food and recreational activities. Many people use Mint to keep track.
  2. Get gently used art supplies from Pratt Give Take in the Steuben Basement or search online for discount art supply retailers. Materials for the Arts is also a great resource.
  3. Clip coupons. You can find coupons for food and household products in newspapers or online at and Many markets also offer a newspaper bulletin in the front of the store that advertises sales and discounts
  4. Buying in bulk means you end up paying less overall than you would if you bought a little bit at a time. That said, it also requires you to have more money up front, which is a privilege and not always an option for everyone
  5. Shop at thrift stores. Brooklyn is a fantastic place to find gently used clothes, books, and household items at a deep discount. Shopping at places like Beacon’s Closet, L Train Vintage, and Goodwill are not only good for your wallet but good for the environment as well!
  6. Buy filling food items that can go with almost every meal. Foods like rice and pasta have a long shelf life, provide necessary energy, and tend to be low cost. Same goes for potatoes and whole grains, and frozen vegetables are nutritious and last awhile in your freezer
  7. Use your student discount. Pratt students are fortunate to get free entrance to a number of museums in the city but did you know some stores like FedEx, J.Crew, and ASOS give student discounts? Next time you’re checking out, ask the cashier if they have a student discount.
  8. Find the free. New York City has tons of discounted and free events happening every day. Check out websites like Brokelyn, Gothamist, and Time Out for affordable entertainment.