Frequently Asked Questions

Does the campus violate any privacy rights by automatically sending my information to Heartland?

No, the information released is within Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant.

Why is the date of birth a required field?

Heartland's Acceluraid Helpdesk will use the DOB as a security challenge when a student calls our helpdesk. Between the DOB and last four of your student ID number, Heartland's Acceluraid helpdesk personnel are able to identify the caller as the cardholder.

Will my personal information be shared with or given to other companies?

No, Heartland Acceluraid does not share any personal information with other parties.  The privacy policy and disclosure statement is provided in the Cardholder Agreement.

I received the Discover debit card, I activated it but the funds aren’t there?

The Discover cards are mailed in advance of funds being disbursed. This gives, you, the students time to receive the cards and activate them.

What is the Discover Prepaid Debit Card?

The Discover Prepaid Debit Card is a prepaid signature debit card accepted online, over the phone, and at Discover merchants worldwide.

Does this card get reported to the credit bureau?

No, all information is kept confidential and only used by Heartland in providing this service to the school and the student.

Do I have to activate the Discover Card in order to use their excess financial aid funds?

Yes, you must validate their Discover Card before they can access your funds.

How will I know when financial aid funds transferred to my Discover Card?

You will receive an e-mail message to your e-mail address when funds are disbursed to the Discover Card.

Are there fees associated with using the Discover Card?

There are no monthly account fees or minimum balance fees if using an Acceluraid ATM. There are also no charges when electronically transferring funds to another account and no charges for using the Discover Card to make purchases or withdraw funds at an Acceluraid ATM. There are fees associated with a lost card as well as use of any ATM other than the new ATM which will be located in the Design Center. Learn more about fees and charges associated with the card.

How long does an electronic transfer to another bank account take?

It may take 2–3 days for funds to become available at the recipient bank.

Is there a daily limit on the amount of funds I can spend, transfer or withdrawal?

Yes there is a daily limit* of $3,500. If your refund is more than $3,500, and wanted to transfer the full balance to your checking account,  then you would need to process multiple transfers on multiple days. For example: The  balance is $3,604.77 on your card. You would complete a $3,500 transfer today and a $104.77 tomorrow. Heartland doesn’t charge a student for multiply transfers, regardless of how many they do.

Can I get a check for free from Acceluraid once the funds are deposited onto the Discover Card?

Yes, you will need to activate the Discover Prepaid Debit Card, sign on to the website, and set “My Choice” to check or request a check using the Bill Pay feature.

Is there a lost card fee?

Once your Discover Prepaid Debit Card is activated there is replacement cost $10 and take 5–7 days to deliver. Heartland accepts credit cards, electronic funds transfer, e-check, or funds deposited on the Discover Card account.