As a temporary measure to accommodate campus closures, official transcripts may only be requested and delivered electronically. Please visit to submit a transcript request. A link to download your secure eTranscript will be sent to the recipient email address specified on the form. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Transcript General Policies

  • The Registrar’s Office must have the student’s written request or authorization to issue a transcript. Parents cannot authorize the Registrar’s Office to mail a transcript.
  • Official Transcripts bear the Institute's seal and Registrar's signature.
  • Partial transcripts are not issued. A transcript is a complete record of all work completed at Pratt.
  • Allow five (5) business days after receipt of the transcript request for the transcript to be mailed. At certain peak times, such as registration and commencement, the processing time may be longer.
  • Transcripts are not released until a student’s account has been paid in full.
  • Copies of transcripts from other schools that were attended must be requested directly from those schools. The Registrar’s office cannot release or copy transcripts in a student’s file.


Unofficial Transcripts 

Current enrolled students can view and print an unofficial transcript through Student Planning

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts may be ordered three ways: online, by mail, or in person. (NOTE: Records containing financial holds will not be processed until the hold is cleared.)

All transcript requests must have the following information to be processed:

  • Name while attending Pratt Institute
  • 7-digit Pratt ID number
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Dates of attendance and/or graduation date
  • Destination information where transcript is to be mailed


The easiest and most affordable way for students and alumni to order an official Pratt transcripts is through the National Student Clearinghouse. This requires a valid credit/debit card to place your order. Regular service (three to five business days) is $7.50 per copy. Expedited services are available for an additional cost. You can upload additional forms to accompany your transcript if needed.

By Mail

Official transcripts may be ordered by mail by completing a Transcript Request form available on our website. Delivery and pricing information is available on the request form. Send your request form with a check or money order (no cash) to:

Pratt Institute
Office of the Registrar
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

In Person

Official transcripts may also be ordered in person at the Office of the Registrar, 6th Floor, Myrtle Hall, during Registrar window hours. We can only accept cash or checks. (A credit card payment can be charged at the Bursar's window adjacent to the Registrar's window.) Requests for immediate processing and pick up are $15 per copy. 

Transcript Notations

Transcript Notation for Violent Offenses - Transcript Notation Process

As required by New York State Legislation Article 129-B, effective October 5, 2015 Pratt Institute will denote conduct outcomes on academic transcripts of students found in violation of any policy violation that is deemed a violent offense as defined by CLERY reportable crimes. Transcript notations are applied at the conclusion of the conduct proceedings and appeals processes. The following are examples of language that may appear on an academic transcript:

  • "Expelled after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation"
  • "Suspended after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation"
  • "Withdrew with conduct charges pending"

Transcript notations for a student suspended or who choose to withdraw pending conduct investigation will remain on a transcript for a minimum of one year. After one year's time, a student may request to have the transcript notation removed by filing an appeal with the Vice President for Student Affairs. If an appeal is not filed, the notation will be removed after seven years.

Transcript Notation Appeals Process

To file an appeal to have the transcript notation removed from an academic transcript a student must submit in writing to the Vice President for Student Affairs the following:

  • A statement describing the incident and what was learned over your time away from the institution.
  • Documentation of successful completion of an in/out patient program or therapy to address the conduct.
  • Students who withdrew from the College prior to resolution of the conduct process will need to fulfill the sanctions found in absentia before being permitted to appeal.
  • Transcript notations for students expelled are permanent and cannot be appealed.

Withdrawal Prior to Conduct Case Adjudication

A student who withdraws from the institution prior to an outcome of a pending conduct case should understand that the investigation will continue without their participation. A student can still be found responsible in their absence. Withdrawal from the institution will not protect a student from possible criminal or civil action(s).