Room Assignments @ Pratt

Room assignments at Pratt Institute are coordinated with academic departments and the Pratt community to assign rooms for classes, workshops, conferences, and events. 

Public rooms at Pratt are scheduled through the space management system 25Live. Permission must be obtained from an academic department in order to schedule a class in an academic department’s space.

  • Faculty and staff may request use of a class room, computer lab, or event space. 
  • All registered student organizations who would like to request the use of a public room must contact Alex Ullman in Student Involvement.
  • Library room space is requested through the library.
  • The Alumni Reading Room is requested through the library.

How to Reserve a Public Room

  • Current Pratt faculty and staff may submit a room request to reserve a public room in 25Live.
  • 25LIVE log-in information is assigned through the Registrar’s office. Contact 25Live technical support for information. 
  • Review the 25Live @ Pratt User Guide to complete the room request form.