Incoming Students

In order to register and attend any course at Pratt Institute, a student must be formally approved for admission. Matriculated students will find their OneKey (username) and ID number (initial password) in their acceptance letter. 

Non-matriculated students will receive their OneKey information after their non-matriculated student application form is received and processed by the Registrar’s office. 


All incoming freshman and transfer students must fill out the online pre-registration form by June 10.  Your academic advisor will use this information to register you for your classes. If you are a transfer student, make sure that your final official transcripts from previous colleges attended have been sent to the Registrar’s Office.

More information for new students can be found on the Welcome Entering Students! page.


Please contact your department office for new student registration procedures. Each department handles incoming graduate registration differently, but see our registration tutorial for basic instructions on how to get registered for classes.


All International students, graduate and undergraduate, must complete a check-in process and attend a mandatory information session during Orientation with the Office of International Affairs. Visit the International Students page and read "After Arrival" at the bottom of the page for instructions. 

You also may need to take the English Placement exam if you have not done so already. Read about the English Placement Exam and waiver qualifications


Pratt Institute offers continuing education and professional development courses and programs on the Brooklyn and Manhattan campus. Please visit the School of Continuing and Professional Studies for information on how to register for these courses.

Current Students


Pratt uses the Colleague Self-Service Student Planning system. This system allows you to create an academic plan, communicate with your advisor, have your course plans approved, and register for courses by semester.

Course offerings for upcoming semesters are available in the course catalog in Student Planning. See the registration tutorial for instructions on how to add search for courses, add them to your plan, send them to your advisor for approval, and register. All courses must be approved by your academic advisor on Student Planning in order for you to register. 

Registration time tickets are assigned by the Registrar’s office and sent to students via their Pratt email address. Dates and times are assigned by the number of credits completed.

Students must be officially registered for any classes they attend. Instructors will not admit unregistered students into classes. Credits and grades will not be recorded for courses taken without a valid registration. 


Students are responsible for knowing Pratt’s dates and deadlines for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a class, the tuition refund schedule, and academic policies. These dates can be found on the Academic Calendar

Students should view their schedule regularly during the first two weeks of classes since courses are subject to cancellation by departments. If a course that a student is registered for is cancelled, the student should immediately go online to try to register for a new section. If you are unable to register for a new section, contact your academic advisor to try to obtain entry into another section or a different course.

Permission to drop a class obtained from an academic advisor, department chair, or faculty member does not relieve students of financial responsibility. Generally, course additions or section changes are allowed until the last day of the add/drop period. Courses dropped during the add/drop period will not show up on the transcript. Courses dropped between the add/drop period and after the last day to withdraw from a class will result in a “WD” grade (withdrawal) on the transcript.

No course withdrawals are allowed after the published deadline. Grades will be given for these courses dropped after the deadline. Non-attendance also does not constitute a drop or an official withdrawal from a class and does not relieve the student of his/her financial responsibility. Failure to properly withdraw from a course will result in a “WF” grade (withdrawal fail) on the transcript.


Students must pay prescribed tuition and fees through Student Financial Services by the due date listed in the Academic Calendar

Students who drop a spring or fall course after the first day of the semester may receive a tuition forfeiture fee.Students should view their bill online after making any add/drop changes to review any impacts that registration may have had on the bill. 

Role of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar supports the academic mission and the educational programs of Pratt Institute. The Registrar enforces policies and procedures set forth by the Institute that relate to academic records, registration, graduation, course scheduling, course enrollment, and grade reporting. It is the responsibility of this office to interpret Institute and governmental policies for faculty, staff, students, parents, and the general public. The Registrar’s Office staff interacts most frequently with students by providing transcripts and enrollment verifications and assisting with registration. The general email is (remember to use your Pratt email) and the main phone number is 718.636.3663.