Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), colleges and universities maintain the right to keep student education records confidential. The Parent Module is a step toward allowing a little more transparency to third parties, mainly parents, regarding student records.

Using the Parent Module, students may allow parents, guardians, or sponsors to gain limited access to select educational records through a unique login. Students can authorize this person to view current schedules, view grades, and/or access the tuition bill to see the current balance and make payments. It is the student's decision to allow access to all, some, or none of these records. Students manage (grant or rescind) permission through their Academic Tools.

The Parent Module maintains the guidelines established by FERPA by granting complete control to students in allowing access to their academic records. The module is intended to improve communication between students and their parents, guardians, or sponsors regarding issues pertaining to these records. Pratt also hopes that the module will increase involvement in their student’s education and in the Pratt community.

Parent Module & Granting Parent/Sponsor Access

For complete details on how to access the Parent Module and granting Parent/Sponsor privileges, review the Parent Module Tutorial.

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