Degree Audits are computerized checklists of graduation requirements. These reports are similar to transcripts because they list all academic activity. They are different from transcripts, however, because they organize the coursework attempted into logical blocks that represent program requirements. They also clearly flag what courses have been taken and what is required to complete a degree.

There are four parts to an audit:

  1. Student Information
    The top of the first page lists the student’s name, the academic program being evaluated, the catalog year that the requirements are being checked against, and the student’s anticipated graduation date (based on the date of admission). This section may also contain one or many text messages specific to the student, depending on his or her status at Pratt.
  2. Credit and GPA Information
    This area lists the total credits required for graduation, the number required to be taken at Pratt (residency), and the GPA required for graduation.
  3. Required Course Information
    This section is usually the longest. It lists the entire range of requirements and electives specific to the academic program being evaluated. Fulfilled requirements will be listed with the grade earned (or CR for transfer credit). Missing requirements are also noted with credits needed.
  4. Other Courses
    Courses that usually do not count towards a program’s requirements are listed in this bottom section. Sometimes a course will not count toward graduation because it was dropped, or carries a grade that makes it ineligible for consideration such as an "F" or an "INC." Also, some students choose to take an extra class for additional knowledge even though it doesn’t fulfill any particular degree requirement.

How to Get a Copy of a Degree Audit

Students may view or print an audit at any time using Academic Tools.

  1. Log in with your OneKey at MyPratt. (Forget your OneKey?)
  2. Click on the Academic Tools tab on the left side of the page. Then click on the Academic Tools login. Wait at this point to be logged in.
  3. After the system logs you in, click on the "STUDENTS" menu on the sidebar.
  4. Click on Degree Audit under Course Planning.
  5. In order to review an audit for the current academic program (major), click OK.
  6. In order to see what the results would look like in a different program, use the drop down list of majors next to "Evaluate New Program" to select a potential major to review.

Students may go online and receive a degree audit at any time. If you do not have a computer or access to a computer lab, come to the Office of the Registrar. Students that have questions about how to read the audit should visit their academic advisor’s office or stop by the Office of the Registrar during office hours for an explanation.