Pratt Institute accepts credit for Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level, and College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP) exams with acceptable scores. Exams must be taken prior to matriculation at Pratt. Official copies of score reports must be sent to Pratt so that a complete credit evaluation may be done at acceptance. Students must notify the school of all tests prior to their first semester in order to be considered for transfer credit.

Viewing Exam Results on File

For students who began attendance Fall 2012 or later:

Exam Results are now available on the MyPratt Dashboard.Academic Tools landing page screenshot
1. Log in with your OneKey at (Forget your OneKey?)
2. Click on the Academic Tools tab on the left side of the page.
3. If there are any results on file, you will see a section halfway down this page called Exam Scores that lists the exam, score received and a credit evaluation status.
Any credited exam can be viewed on your transcript and degree audit.
Transcript: listed as Credit Type (CRD TYP) of 'E'.
Degree Audit: listed as '*NE' (Non-course Equivalency).

For students who began attendance prior to Fall 2012, please send an email from your Pratt email account to the Registrar's Office.

Advanced Placement Credit Policy

Pratt Institute accepts up to a maximum of nine (9) total AP credits (3 credits in each of the categories) with a score* of four (4) or five (5) only in the following:

English Language/Composition — 3 credits

Only English Language/Composition is accepted for credit. English Literature/Composition is not recognized for credit.

Math or Science — 3 credits

The Math & Science Department will recognize only one of the following exams for credit.

Calculus AB, Calculus BC (sub score is accepted), Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics B, Physics C-Electricity, Physics C-Magnetism, Mechanics, Biology, Statistics.

Art History* — 3 credits

*Note: A student achieving an AP score of 3 in Art History will have the option to be interviewed by the chair of the department to determine sufficient mastery of course material. The chair will then determine whether the student may be assigned to a higher-level course. In no case will the process result in a waiver of credit requirements but only in the substitution of another course.

Foreign Language — 3 CREDITS

Credits earned from any of the foreign language exams for Advanced Placement will be accepted at Pratt Institute.

International Baccalaureate Policy

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma recipients beginning with Fall 2018 applicants may receive transfer credits for Higher-Level courses in which they earn a score of five (5) or higher. Pratt Institute does not award transfer credit for IB Visual Arts courses or exams.

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