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Monday-Thursday: 10 AM - 4 PM

For health and safety reasons, we are not accepting walk-in office visits this semester. Please make an appointment in advance at or contact us remotely, Monday through Friday.

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Phone: 718.636.3663


The Office of the Registrar supports the academic mission and the educational programs of Pratt Institute. The office seeks to:

  • Create and maintain accurate student academic records in compliance with applicable policies, laws, and regulations.
  • Ensure student/faculty centered service through good management practices, the utilization of resources, and advanced technological methods.
  • Provide an effective method of service and support related to: class registration, enrollment, and graduation.
  • Make student data available in easily accessible formats to departments for administrative purposes and research.
  • Interpret Institute and governmental policies to faculty, staff, students, parents, and the general public.

Parent Philosophy

Pratt seeks to develop a relationship with parents that is a partnership. We believe that parents are partners in our efforts to help our students become responsible advocates for themselves. To further this partnership, we are committed to taking parent concern into consideration when appropriate and to communicate with parents about events, deadlines, and other information relevant to the Pratt experience.

While we value the involvement of parents, we promote student responsibility. Therefore, whenever possible, we work directly with students in order to provide appropriate services, support them as they meet the challenges of the Pratt experience, and respond to their concerns and questions.