This guide is the primary resource for Pratt Institute students living in the following dorms: 

∙ Leo J. Pantas Hall (LJP) 

∙ Emerson Place ( 

∙ Vincent A. Stable Hall (VAS) 

∙ Esther Lloyd-Jones Hall (ELJ) 

∙ Willoughby Residence Hall (WRH) 

∙ Grand Avenue Residence Hall (GAR) 

∙ The Townhouses (TNH) 


The Mail Center Services are for the solely personal use of students that are currently living  on campus. Using Mail Center Services to run a business is strictly prohibited.  


  • Mail Forwarding Link 
  • UPS Tracking Services 
  • FedEx Tracking Services 
  • USPS Tracking Services


A unique unit number is assigned to each dorm resident upon move-in. The assigned unit  number is used for a student’s entire stay, as long as they are an active resident of a Pratt  Institute dorm. Your unit number cannot be used/shared with other students. To protect student's privacy, personal information (including your unit number) will not be  distributed to anyone other than the student. 

Students requesting information must come to us in person with their Pratt ID card, or email us  from their account. It is crucial to respect the privacy of other students. 


Your mailing address is not the same as your dorm address. Your mailing address should be  formatted in the following way: 

Full Name (As it appears on your Pratt ID, NO NICKNAMES) 
200 Willoughby Avenue Unit XXXXX 
Brooklyn, NY 11205 

*If you wish to permanently use a preferred name, you must reach out to Reslife AND the Mail  Services to add the name to your profile in addition to your official name. The preferred name  must also be changed on your Pratt ID. 

John Doe 
200 Willoughby Avenue Unit 57500 
Brooklyn, NY 11205 

NOTE: Incorrectly addressed mail runs the risk of being delayed, misdelivered or returned to the  sender. 


Your full name and unit number must be included in all correspondence. It is your responsibility  to notify contacts, vendors, friends, and family of your correct address. 

Insufficiently addressed mail will be researched by mail center staff and re-addressed, which  significantly delays the delivery of your mail. Unidentifiable mail will be returned to the sender. 

NOTE: Misdelivered mail belonging to another student should not be tampered with and  is to be returned to the Mail Center immediately.



Pratt Mail Services uses Smart Lockers to store your letters and packages. The smart lockers  allow students to pick up stored packages at their convenience 24 hours a day. They are  located on the first of Thrift Hall (where the Mail Services department is located). 

If you are expecting a package or letter, please adhere to the following procedures in order to  retrieve your items: 

∙ When a package is received and processed, A notification via email/text will  automatically be sent to your address from with a one-time  QR or 6-digit code. 

∙ You will then go to the Smart Locker kiosk and enter your code on the kiosk touch  screen along with your signature. 

∙ The locker containing your package (s) should pop open for retrieval. Once completed,  please be sure to gently close the locker door and click “exit” on the touchscreen to  finalize the retrieval. 

Be Advised: Packages that are not retrieved from the lockers after 24 hours will be transferred  behind the counter to the mail center shelves. 

Miss-addressed packages, packages that do not fit in a locker, or were transferred from the  locker after 24 hours are held behind the counter in the mail center and can only be picked up  via the customer service window with your Pratt ID. Items held in the mail center are only  available for pickup during hours of operation. 

NOTE: Always wait for our email notification to verify that your packages have been processed  before coming to pick them up. If you have not received your package at least an entire  business day after the anticipated delivery date, you may contact us to seek tracking  assistance. 


Only letters and packages that are sent by registered insured, certified/return receipt, or delivery  confirmation mail can be traced. Letters/packages sent with plain postage cannot be traced.



Due to Pratt’s business address, the Post Office cannot accept a “Change Of Address” request.  The mail center will be forwarding your mail Instead. Here’s how to set it up. 

∙ Go to this LINK and fill out the forwarding information. Make sure to read the address  restrictions on the form. 

∙ Let us know if you’re returning to live on campus in the fall. 

Returning to campus students will have their mail forwarded throughout the summer break.  Non-returning students' mail will forward for thirty days from the move-out date. 

Please note, that only United States Postal Service (USPS) mail can be forwarded (to a  domestic, off-campus address). Other carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. do not offer  forwarding services, packages from these carriers will be returned to the sender. 


International mail/packages cannot be forwarded. 

International students who do not have a domestic forwarding address may use the address of  a friend or family member who lives in the United States upon their approval. Mail cannot be  forwarded to another student’s campus mailbox. 



No letters or packages will not be held in the Mail Center for students who do not live in a dorm  over the summer months. Students leaving campus for summer break must make arrangements  with Mail Services to have their mail forwarded to a domestic summer address. WINTER BREAK 

We do not forward mail during Winter break. Please remember — if you are expecting essential  bills, notify the company to inform them of your temporary absence from the campus and ask  them to mail correspondence to your designated address. 


Approximately six weeks before leaving the dorm at the end of each semester, all subscriptions  should be notified of an impending change of address so that the materials may be sent to your  new address without missing any issues or important documents. Most companies have an e mail address or web page to which you can submit a change of address. 


Students going abroad should treat their forwarding arrangements in the same manner as a  summer break. 

No letters or packages will not be held in the Mail Center for students who are studying abroad.  Students leaving campus for study abroad must make arrangements with Mail Services to have  their mail forwarded to a domestic address for the time they are off-campus.