This guide is the primary resource for Pratt Institute students living in the following dorms:

  • Leo J. Pantas Hall (LJP)

  • Cannoneer Court (CC)

  • Vincent A. Stable Hall (VAS)

  • Esther L. Jones Hall (ELJ)

  • Willoughby Residence Hall (WRH)

  • Townhouses (TNH)


Mail Center Services are for the solely personal use of students that are currently living on campus.  Using Mail Center Services to run a business is strictly prohibited.  Therefore, mailboxes cannot be shared with others nor used for any business purposes.


A unique mailbox unit number is assigned to each dorm resident upon move-in. Mailboxes are located on the first floor of Thrift Hall (where the Mail Services department is located). The assigned unit number is used for a student’s entire stay, as long as they are an active resident of a Pratt Institute dorm. Mailboxes cannot be shared with anyone else.

  1. Mailbox Key Pick-Up: Students may pick up their mailbox keys at the Mail Center any time during hours of operation. Students cannot acquire a mailbox key without presenting their Pratt ID.

  2. Misplaced or Lost Key: Replacement keys are available for a $10 fee.

  3. Returning Your Mailbox Key: Residents must return their key to the Mail Center (not Residential Life) on or before their move-out date. Students taking a leave of absence must also return their keys but may contact Mail Services to seek special accommodations. Failure to return the key will result in a hold and $25 charge to the student account, which covers the core change and processing fee of the unreturned key. Please be advised that hold on to a student account can delay or impede course registration for future semesters and/ or graduation.

To protect student’s privacy, personal information (including mailbox numbers) will not be distributed to anyone other than the student. Students requesting information must come to us in person with their Pratt ID card, or email us from their account. It is crucial to respect the privacy of other students. Misdelivered mail belonging to another student should not be tampered with and is to be returned to the Mail Center immediately.


Your mailing address is not the same as your dorm address. Your mailing address should be formatted in the following way: 

Full Name (As it appears on your Pratt ID, NO NICKNAMES)
200 Willoughby Avenue Unit XXXXX
Brooklyn, NY 11205

*If you wish to use a preferred name, it must be on your Pratt ID as well.

John Doe
200 Willoughby Avenue Unit 57500
Brooklyn, NY 11205


Your unit number must be included in the address line of all correspondence. Incorrectly addressed mail (missing unit number, incorrect names, or with a “Box #/PO Box) runs the risk of being misdelivered or returned to the sender. 

It is your responsibility to notify contacts, vendors, friends, and family of your correct address. Insufficiently addressed mail will be researched by mail center staff and re-addressed, which significantly delays the delivery of your mail. Unidentifiable mail will be returned to the sender.


Student mail is delivered to the mailboxes on a daily basis. 

A notification email will automatically be sent to your address from once packages (and mail that exceeds mailbox dimensions) are processed. You must come to the mail center during hours of operation with your physical Pratt ID in order to retrieve mail and packages kept on our shelves.

NOTE: Always wait for our email notification to verify that your packages have been processed before coming to pick them up. If you have not received your package at least an entire business day after the anticipated delivery date, you may contact us to seek tracking assistance.


Mailboxes should be checked frequently to avoid “overflow.” Mail that exceeds the space in your mailbox will be placed in a large envelope and held in the Mail Center for one week. A notice for pick up will be sent in an email. Envelopes that are not picked up within a week of the notice will be returned to the sender as undeliverable.


Packages are processed and temporarily held at the mail center for student pick up during hours of operation.

  • You must present your Pratt ID in order to pick up packages.

  • Pratt Mail Services will not deliver packages to anyone except the recipient, without exceptions-- this includes parents and legal guardians.

  • Pratt IDs are the only form of ID accepted in the Mail Center.

  • Packages left on our shelves are given a total of three notices via Pratt email over the course of 15 business days, including the initial notice when a package arrives at the Mail Center. Packages are returned to the sender after this three-week grace period.


Only letters and packages that are sent by registered insured, certified/return receipt, or delivery confirmation mail can be traced. Letters/packages sent with plain postage cannot be traced.


Pratt Institute’s address is considered a business address; therefore, the United States Postal Service will accept any forwarding or change-of-address request for an individual. DO NOT fill a change-of-address form at the Post Office or on their USPS website. Mail forwarding is done at our mail center.  

Use the link below to file a request a change of address.

Student Mail Forwarding Form 

Be advised; we do share this information with other departments, a separate request must be done if needed. Also, only United States Postal Service (USPS) mail can be forwarded (to a domestic, off-campus address). Other carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., cannot be forwarded.

Mail forwarding service is available to all students for 30 days from their move-out date.


International mail/packages cannot be forwarded. 

International students who do not have a domestic forwarding address may use the address of a friend or family member who lives in the United States upon their approval. Mail cannot be forwarded to another student’s campus mailbox.




Mail/packages will not be held in the Mail Center for students who do not live in a dorm over the summer months. Students leaving campus for summer break must make arrangements with Mail Services to have their mail forwarded to a domestic summer address.


We do not forward mail during Winter break. The Mail Center will continue to sort all mail into individual mailboxes during the four-week break.  Please remember — if you are expecting essential bills, notify the company to inform them of your temporary absence from the campus and ask them to mail correspondence to your designated address.


Approximately six weeks before leaving the dorm at the end of each semester, all subscriptions should be notified of an impending change of address so that the materials may be sent to your new address without missing any issues or important documents. Most companies have an e-mail address or web page to which you can submit a change of address.


Students going abroad should treat their forwarding arrangements in the same manner as a summer break.


In order to avoid a $25 late or unreturned key charge, your mailbox key should be returned to the Mail Center on or before the day of moving out. This applies to:

  1. Dorm residents who are not officially returning to live on campus for the next semester.

  2. Students that are on a waiting list. It is advisable to return the key if a dorm room has not been assigned to avoid any charges.


Where is my mailbox located?
Thrift Hall 1st Floor

How do I get a mailbox?
Mailboxes are for students living in on-campus housing. A unique mailbox/unit number is assigned to each student upon moving in.

How do I get a key to my mailbox?
Visit the Mail Center during business hours with your Pratt ID.

What should I do if I lost my mailbox key?
If you lose your key, you may ask us for a replacement during business hours (a $10 fee will apply).

How can I pick up my mail/packages?
Regular mail is delivered to your mailbox daily. A notification email will be sent to your address when we receive a package for you and is ready for pickup. You must present your Pratt ID at the Mail Center pick-up window during business hours to retrieve your package(s).

I received a notification from the vendor that my package has arrived, but I did not receive a notification from the Mail Center. Why?
Carriers often mark items as delivered to the zip code (before it has officially arrived at Pratt) up to 24 hours in advance. If you have not received a notification from at least 1 business day from the vendor’s notification, you may request the assistance of Mail Services staff to track the package. You will need to provide the carrier service’s name and tracking number in order to conduct a successful search.

I have a very busy schedule; can I have someone else pickup my package for me?
As a safety policy and for internal control purposes, Mail Services will not deliver packages to anyone other than the recipient without exceptions.

What do I do if I lost my Pratt ID Card? Can I use another form of ID to pick up my mail?
Physical Pratt ID cards are the only accepted ID in the Mail Center.

Can I buy stamps at the Mail Center? 
We do not sell stamps. You can purchase them at the Post Office located on Myrtle Ave or online at

Can I send outgoing packages through the mailroom?
Only pre-paid packages can be sent through the Mail Center. Letters with postage provided can be deposited in the “pre-stamped mail” slot located next to the window any time; however outbound pre-paid packages must be brought to the Mail Center during business hours.

What do I do if I receive someone else's mail?
If you receive improperly addressed mail to your mail box, do not open it. Return it to Mail Services staff, or deposit in the slot located next to the window labeled “Returned Mail.”