It is always nice to receive mail from home! We realize how important mail is to our students. We hope the information below will help to ensure your student receives their mail in the most expeditious manner possible.

This page is the primary resource for the parents of students living in the following dorms:

Leo J. Pantas Hall (LJP)
Cannoneer Court (CC)
Vincent A. Stable Hall (VAS)
Esther L. Jones Hall (ELJ)
Willoughby Residence Hall (WRH)
Townhouses (TNH)

How to Address Your Student’s Mail

Each student residing on-campus will be assigned a unique mailbox unit number. This unit number should be indicated on all student residents’ mailing addresses. The assigned unit number remains the same as long as they’re living on campus (regardless of a room change). Please be advised, the student’s dorm address is different from their mailing address.

To protect students’ privacy, unit # information cannot be obtained from the Mail Center. Personal information such as unit numbers is given to the students directly. You must obtain this information from your student, as it will be provided to them exclusively.

All correspondence should be addressed in the below format to prevent delays, misdelivery, or being returned to sender.

The mailing address format is: 
Full Name (As it appears on their Pratt ID, NO NICKNAMES)
200 Willoughby Avenue, Unit XXXXX
Brooklyn, NY 11205

John Doe
200 Willoughby Avenue, Unit 57500
Brooklyn, NY 11205

NOTE: It is possible that mail may not reach Pratt if “Box or PO Box” is included in the address instead of the appropriate “Unit Number.” Please be aware that our databases include official names only, so make sure all correspondence has the student’s full legal name and address, including the unit number. Nicknames and middle names, etc. can mislead Mail Center staff and complicate the delivery process.

Misaddressed Mail

Mail that is insufficiently addressed will be researched in the Mail Center database, which significantly affects delivery. Once this process is completed, unidentified First-Class mail will be returned to the sender, while unidentified Standard mail is recycled.

Mail Preparation and Pick up Procedure

Student mail is delivered to the mailboxes on a daily basis. Student mailboxes can be accessed at any time, regardless of if the Mail Center window is open. A notification email will be sent to your student’s Pratt email address for packages and large pieces of mail that do not fit into a mailbox, or require a proof signature (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Insured, Certified, Registered, and Express Mail). These items are available for pick up at the Mail Center during business hours. Students must present their Pratt ID card in order to receive a package, without exceptions. We cannot authorize parents or legal guardians to pick up packages on behalf of their students.

Note: Many carriers provide delivery confirmation when a package enters our Zip Code. This does not mean that the package has actually been delivered to the Mail Center. Students should wait for their email notification before coming to the Mail Center to pick up a package. If more than one business day has passed from the expected delivery date, students may contact the Mail Center with a tracking number in order to seek tracking assistance for their package. 

Things to Know:

  • Only students who are living on campus are allowed to receive mail/packages at the Mail Center.
  • Mail Services will not deliver packages to anyone other than the addressed recipient of the package, without exceptions.
  • Students must present their Pratt ID to be able to pick up packages at the pickup window. The Pratt ID is the only accepted ID in the Mail Center.
  • Packages will be returned to sender as “UNDELIVERABLE” if they are not picked up within 15 business days.
  • Letters or packages sent through regular mail without a delivery/tracking confirmation cannot be traced.

Important ****

Do not send cash through the mail.

Gift cards, pre-paid credit cards, or money orders are a safer alternative.


The Mail Center is not equipped to store perishable items, and cannot be held responsible for spoilage.