Pratt Mail Services

The Mail Center is responsible for the distribution, collection, and processing of the Institute’s mail and overnight letters.

Additional Services Provided:

  • Brynka Shipping Support System
  • Bulk Mail Addressing
  • Mailing List Management
  • Folding and inserting departmental mailings
  • Domestic Presorted bulk mailings (First-Class and Non-Profit)
  • Mail piece design assistance
  • Business & Courtesy Reply mail design

Mail Services Job Order Form

We ask that you please notify us at least 2 weeks in advance of scheduling large mailings to ensure there are sufficient funds in the account to complete the job. Last minute job requests may result in delayed distribution to the post office.


Inbound Mail and Package Distribution

Pratt Mail Services does not accept responsibility for any type of personal correspondence addressed to faculty and staff members.

Campus Distribution

The daily distribution of general campus mail through the Mail Center is limited to official communication intended for Institute departments. Pratt Mail Services is not responsible for internal campus mail that is intended to be used for personal gain, commercial advertising for organizations, or individuals who are not affiliated with the Institute.

Addressing Incoming Mail and Packages for Faculty and Staff

Up to 33% of the inbound US Mail, packages, and inter-office mail that we receive are incorrectly addressed; most commonly missing the department’s name. Incoming mail/packages that are received with a name only must go through a research process, which will delay delivery. If addressed with the Institute’s name only, we will send it to the department that we determine is most appropriate (e.g., if it appears to be a bill we will send it to the Accounts Payable department). This complicates the delivery process, and at times may result in a failure to deliver mail to its intended destination.

To ensure proper and timely delivery, please use the following address formats:

Letters and Overnight Mail:

Recipient’s Full Name
Department Name (No abbreviations)
Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Do not address mail to 536 Myrtle Ave. This is not a valid Pratt mailing address. Mail for Myrtle Hall should be addressed as indicated above.

Departmental Inter-Office Mail:

Recipient’s Full Name
Department Name (NO abbreviations)
Building Location (Include floor and room number)


All work related packages should be addressed to the Receiving department as follows:

Recipient’s Full Name
Department Name (NO abbreviations)
Pratt Institute
379 DeKalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

NOTE: Incorrectly addressed packages will be investigated and distributed as time allows.

Inter-Office Mail Addressed to Students Living on Campus:  

Student’s mailing addresses are different than their dorm address. Do not address any mail to their dorm address.

Student’s Full Name
Unit # - plus 4                         

Tracking a Letter or a Package

The only way to trace a letter or package that was sent via US Postal Service is if it is sent via registered, insured, certified/return receipt or delivery confirmation. Private Couriers such as UPS, FedEx etc. can also be traced.  Letters/packages with postage only cannot be traced.


Outbound Mail and Packages

Outbound and Inter-Office Mail Processing

Properly prepared outbound First-Class mail collected during the day (excluding mailings of 50 pieces or more) will be processed and delivered to the US Postal Service (USPS) office by the end of the day. Outbound mail must be in the Mail Center before 4 PM for same day delivery to the USPS. If you miss the cut off time, your mail will be sent out the next business day.

Note: summer cut off time is 3 PM.

Inter-Office mail collected during the day will be delivered the next business day. However, any campus mail that is handed to the Mail Center before 11 AM will be delivered on that day.

We now offer internal tracking for Sensitive Interoffice Mail (SIM). We will log any requested interoffice envelopes into our system so that a signature will be required upon delivery to the appropriate department. Please complete the form in order to coordinate a SIM delivery.

Pratt Mail Services offers a delivery service to the Manhattan campus three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). All mail bound for the Manhattan campus must be in the Mail Center one business day prior to the delivery day. Large quantities or oversized and heavy items must be coordinated through the Receiving department.


Preparing Outgoing US Postal Mail and Addressing

The following guidelines are to ensure that outgoing mail is processed efficiently:

  • Outgoing US Postal mail should be separated from campus inter-office mail.
  • Domestic mail should be separated from the international mail, and must have a customs form attached if necessary.
  • International mail to Mexico and Canada should be separated from other countries.

Preparing Outgoing Packages

Please note: UPS Campus Ship has been replaced with Brynka Shipping System. This software enables us to ship and shop rates through UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Brynka Shipping System will be used to ship all packages, express mail, priority mail, international express/priority, and any correspondence that requires a tracking number.

The new system will work in the following way:

  • Create your shipment through the “ship request” portal
  • Print the resulting barcode and attach it to the outgoing package
  • Place the package near the outgoing mailbox
  • Mail Services staff will pick the item up if it is a flat (large or express envelope). Receiving will pick it up if it is a box (please note, you may have to call Receiving to request a pick-up).
  • The web address to the system is

​Please send an email to with your name and department’s budget number to request a username and password.

Additional Guidelines:

  • All mail should be stacked with the address facing the same direction.
  • All flats (large envelopes) and overstuffed letters must be sealed prior to pick up for metering.
  • Please notify the Mail Center in advance for mailings that contain 50 pieces or more.
  • Glossy cards cannot be metered; they must be pre-stamped instead.
  • Please use white or light colored envelopes. The US Postal Service optical character readers do not recognize or read an address block if there is not enough contrast between background color of the envelope and the ink used to print the address.
  • All mail processed by Pratt Mail Services must relate to business within the Institute. Personal mail cannot be processed through the Mail Center.

US Postal Service Customs Forms

International mail generally requires a custom form. Exceptions include First-Class Mail International and Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes that weigh less than 13 oz., are no more than 3/4" thick, and contain only documents. The forms required depend on the service being used and the declared value of the mail. Every country has unique requirements; to learn about country-specific customs requirements please visit

United Parcel Service (UPS) Drop Box

A UPS Express mail drop box is located at the main gate, next to the security booth. Their pickup time is at 6:30 PM. Items that do not fit in the drop box may be brought to the Mail Center two hours prior to closing time. Be advised, Pratt Mail Services does not offer a package pickup service. The Receiving department can be contacted for those services.

Useful Links

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