The Assessment and Care Team (A.C.T.) focuses on at-risk students who are experiencing serious distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behavior. The Team serves to support students who are at-risk, ensure regular coordinated communication between campus departments, and intervene, if necessary, to ensure student well-being and campus safety.

If you observe or receive information about a student in serious distress or who is behaving erratically: please use Starfish Communication Software to report a flag of ‘Student Wellbeing,’ or call the chair of A.C.T., Senior Student Advocate and Care Coordinator, Martha Cedarholm and provide a verbal report 718-399-4546 or 718-636-3639. In cases of emergency, reporters should contact Public Safety at 718-636-3540. 

Team Members: Senior Student Advocate and Care Coordinator; Vice President for Student Affairs; the Directors of Health Services, Counseling Services, Public Safety, Residential Life and the Learning/Access Center; and Faculty representatives.