2020–21 Chairs’ Main Initiatives and/or Completed Goals


Danni Qu

  • Attended numerous administrative meetings with groups such as PPRO Communications, Campus Security Committee, Senior Staff, Commencement Committee, President of Pratt, Vice President of Student Affairs, Distinguished Teacher’s Award Committee, and Board of Trustees. Also managed weekly meetings and agendas, monthly one-on-ones with Officers, and started the archiving effort with Sarah Kanu to record student government work through the SGA website (this site).

  • Ideated and curated care packages to give out to all students living in Willoughby during SP 2021 to help relieve students’ stress.


Sarah Kanu

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Advocated for the students based on June 2020 demands and organized Creative-Imagining: Developing a Black Studies Minor in October. Both initiatives led to the established working group —which Sarah sat on—for a Black Studies Minor set to ‘arrive’ FA 2021. 

  • Worked with Pratt BLM on their annual MLK Day in Jan and Teach-In in Feb. Worked with the Pratt Archive to collect and save assets for the Black Student Union and have other affinity clubs follow suit. Pushed archive initiatives further by contacting administrators with a proposal to rework the StuGov site (this).


Tamia Bailey 

Student Life
  • Worked to maintain active communication between club leaders during online school by organizing a list of active and inactive clubs on Engage. Reached out to inactive clubs, held a zoom event for all registered organizations to meet and network with each other, and sent out newsletters to all Registered Student Organizations. 

  • Within the year, Tamia approved the registration of four new student organizations: Women In Animation @ Pratt, Association of Pratt Placemakers, Aura Dance Crew, and Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, along with approving funding for ten student-led events. 


Yessenia Sanchez

Campus and Community Development
  • In response to students’ demands in the summer of 2020, which called for Pratt to cut ties with NYPD, Yessenia worked to develop an Alternatives to the Police document to implement into Pratt's campus practices. 

  • Worked with Residential Living as they slowly began to re-open on-campus housing. Ran weekly COVID testing in Willoughby and has communicated with on-campus RA’s to receive feedback/updates on student living experiences for those occupying space in Willoughby during Spring 2021. 


Gayatri Lund 

  • Ran Staff Appreciation initiatives both semesters. The initiatives included on-campus posters, community-created ‘Thank You’ videos, and an on-campus booth with free food and gift bags. 

  • Worked to improve and enhance students’ living conditions staying in Willoughby in the Spring of 2021.  


Avishi Jain 

  • Ran the Student Senate over two semesters, taking feedback from students directly to the Provost. 

  • Continued to explore how Pratt can improve the online and hybrid academic experience for all students, attended administrative meetings with faculty/departments to address recurring issues, and share student feedback.


Nina Lu 

First Year
  • Initiated a first year’s Fall 2020 survey for direct feedback on online learning concerns and comments. Attended First Year Steering Committee meetings  

  • Worked to recreate orientation experience for Class of 2024 in Fall 2021.


Erika Hodges 

Grad Representative 
  • Organized and held space for numerous graduate students to study, be in conversation with one another and receive financial and employment support.

  • Participated in Higher Education Action Week as the Student Govt representative.


Zolzaya Enkhtuvshin 

1st semester: Sustainability
  • Planned and held a Sustainability Workshop involving faculty, organizations, and various opportunities to get involved in promoting and practicing sustainability at Pratt.


Mattia Socci

Communications Chair
  • Worked on social media posts, including but not limited to Officer related posts, the Student Senate events, VP Open Forum, Staff Appreciation event, and more.