Student Government

The Student Government maintains primary responsibility for all student interests and involvement at Pratt. The Government has an Executive Committee and any undergraduate or graduate student can and is encouraged to become involved. The main function of the Government is to represent the student viewpoint.

In order to advocate for the best possible student experience at Pratt, SGA is invested with the responsibility, power and authority for the management of our own student life and academic affairs, in cooperation with and responsible to Pratt Institute.

Student Government uses Student Activity Fees to provide for the Pratt community through food for events, club budgets, and memberships to faculty, staff and students for museums. 

Do you have ideas for how things could work better? Please stop by our online office hours and give us any suggestions, comments or ideas you may have. No idea is too small and we’re here to help you and make the administration more responsive to students' needs. You can also directly email us at


Leo Kim

Campus and Community Development
Claire Moon

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Sara Yost

Chaerin Hwang

Graduate Student Liaison
Ziqi Wang

Student Life
Zion Yang

Victoria Tsui

Pratt Manhattan Representative

First Year Student Liaison

International Student Representative
Kevin Li

Communications Chair
Amy Jia

Academic Chair
Vanshika Harlalka

Get in Touch

Please contact us at
Learn about SGA job opportunities.

SGA Events

On-Campus Staff Appreciation

Monday, March 22, 2021
3–5 PM
Student Union, Brooklyn Campus

This event, put together by Chair of Facilities—Gayatri Lund—is to give back to the staff working on campus during the COVID pandemic. Student Government will set up a booth and give away goodies bags in the Student Union during designated times.

Student Senate

Sunday, April 18, 2021
12:30–2 PM EST
Online (Zoom Link)

This event, put together by Chair of Academics - Avishi Jain - is for students and appointed Student Senator positions to discuss topics involving student life at Pratt. The space is intended for Student Government to direct students on how to solve issues they are facing or for us to take on and tackle through more time consuming initiatives.

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