Professional and Academic clubs and organizations at Pratt are efforts initiated by students to further the learning outside of class in major specific clubs. All clubs with an association with a major are open to all students. Some groups are associated with a national organization and will require students to pay dues.

ACM People 

Arts and Cultural Management People (ACMPeople) provides a forum for enhanced conversations related to arts, culture, and their management outside of the classroom. We also provide a support network for members by developing professional bonds throughout the arts and culture sectors in the city. President: Sarah Frazier

AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students – National Chapter)

AIAS seeks to enrich the educational experience of students by providing connections with other students and professionals in the architecture field. Email:

Artist League (PAL)

The Pratt Artists' League serves as a liaison between the administration, faculty and student body of Pratt Institute. We provide opportunities for students to establish and further their careers in the New York art world through events such as open studios, on-campus and off-campus exhibitions. Email:

Art and Design Education Club

Co-Presidents: Vida Sabbaghi and Monica Ianculoria

ASIS&T (American Society of Information Science and Technology)

ASIS&T at Pratt is a forum for SILS students interested in the study of information science and technology. Events help introduce students to emerging topics and provide a venue beyond the classroom for deeper exploration of the field.
President: Ngozi Okoro

ComD Agency

ComD Agency creates dialogue between ComD students and top Art Directors through lectures, portfolio reviews, studio tours, and other events. President: Evan Foster

Communications Committee (Graduate ComD)

The Communications Committee is a liaison between GradComD students and GradComD’s administration. Our goals are to facilitate communication within the program and provide opportunities to encourage community, professional development, pride, and wonder.
President: John Olson

Construction Management (CMAA)

The Student Chapter of Construction Management Association of America at Pratt is a student-run campus organization. The students involved in the chapter have the opportunity to attend lecture events, construction site visits, and networking events. All are welcome to attend. President: Kezia Chisholm


DIGIT promotes events that benefit students interested in digital arts, including the “Bring Your Own Pixel” animation competition.

Fashion Society

The Fashion Society seeks to have students learn about the fashion industry though meeting professionals and having events, such as the annual fashion show, which supports charity. President: Renee Dameron

Founders Club

The Founders Club is Pratt's first entrepreneurship club on campus comprised of Undergraduate and Graduate students who support each other’s business pursuits. Throughout the year we host site visits, speakers, and pitch events. To be in touch email

History of Art and Design Student Association (HADSA)

The purpose of HADSA is to serve as the voice of students of HAD and provide lectures and events to enhance student life at Pratt.

IDSA (Industrial Design Student Association)

The purpose of IDSA is to bring unity from within the Industrial Design Department and to help students reach out to the greater design community. Email:

Jewelry Club

The purpose of the Jewelry Club is to provide a forum and create discussion and inspiration for jewelry outside of class. President: Olivia Suffern

Keyframe Animation Club

Co-Presidents: Liz Brautigam and Nora Meek

Leaders in Environmental Advocacy at Pratt (LEAP)

LEAP is a group of concerned graduate students who seek to disseminate information and bring awareness to urban environmental issues, both on the Pratt campus and within the surrounding communities. Throughout the year LEAP sponsors a variety of events and activities including; networking gatherings, discussion panels, volunteer opportunities, and hands-on workshops. Email:

Painting Club

President: Tamsin Doherty

Photo League

The Photo League is an open collective of students headed by 4–6 team captains interested in photography. Their primary goal is to coordinate photographic activities and functions to suit the interests of the student body. Some of the Photo League's main accomplishments include curating student exhibitions and inviting artists for workshops and lectures. President: Kim Melton

PIPSA (Pratt Institute Planning Student Association)

PIPSA brings together city and regional planning students to deepen their education and understanding of the field of planning and to further their professional goals.

Pratt Historical Preservation Organization

PHPO allows Pratt students and alumni to further their interest in preservation through events and activities. Co-Presidents: Jessica Baldwin and Lakan Cole

Pressure Print Collective

Pressure Print Collective brings together undergraduate and graduate printmakers of all mediums and subjects, from whitewall to DIY and everything in between.  Along with offering print demos and visiting artist lectures, we organize gallery trips in Brooklyn and Manhattan to stimulate awareness and discussion of contemporary printmaking, as well as hosting the raddest woodblock printing event Pratt has ever seen: Big Damn Prints! If crushing a pound of freshly rolled ink between a sheet of fabric and an eight foot woodcut with a steamroller isn't good enough for you, PPC will also be offering a slew of exhibition opportunities! Email:

Sculpture Club

Co-Presidents: Daniel Conway and Sara Mazdzer

SIDE (Student International Design Efforts)

President: Lila Tedesco

SILSSA (School of Information Student Association)

SILSSA promotes professional development in the field of library of information science through networking, trips, speakers, symposia, and other student activities. Email:

Special Librarian's Association

Since its founding, SLA has enhanced the Pratt School of Information experience with successful, well-attended activities. President: Meredith Brown

Special Archivists Association 

President: Deidre Dinningan

Type Directors

President: Katherine Robinson