Cultural clubs and organizations provide opportunities to Pratt students to explore their cultural or another through events and activities organized by the members. Below you will find the current active culturally based groups.

Bako Tribe

Black Student Union at Pratt. A collective of like-minded students who are creating a platform in support of the issues involving people of color.

Black Lives Matter Pratt

A student group gathering to encourage participation from both the Pratt student body as well as community members interested in BLM pedagogy.

Chinese Student Scholar Association

Dedicated to serving students originated from China and students interested in learning about Chinese culture.

PISA (Pratt International Student Association)

A club for fostering friendships and cultural learning between international and domestic students.

Pratt Korean Student Association

Committed to sharing Korean culture with Pratt students and supporting Korean students at Pratt Institute.

Queer Pratt (Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender, Questioning, and Allies)

Queer Pratt is a safe place for people of all genders and sexualities. Open to EVERYONE no matter where they fall on the gender/sexuality spectrum.

SASA (South Asian Student Association)

A common platform for students to interact and engage, and celebrate their origin and roots at a home away from home.

Turkish Student Association

Turkish and non-Turkish students coming together to celebrate Turkish culture. Encourages participation and cultural involvement of all students at Pratt Institute.

Women Writers of Color

Foster interests and further understanding of the accomplishments of women writers of color.

Insurgent Poet Society

Creates a safe space where performance poetry and political action can intersect.

Special Interest

Special Interest groups are clubs and organizations that are about the current interests of the students and finding like-minded people. Below you will find more information on the current campus groups.

Special Interest groups are clubs and organizations that are about the current interests of the students and finding like-minded people. Below you will find more information on the current campus groups.

16mm Film Club

Focused on the art on and preservation of 16mm film.

Anime Club

Dedicated to the appreciation of Japanese animation television series and movies.

Ceramics Club

Seeks to enhance the Pratt Community by providing programs and services relating to ceramics.

Comic Club

Host to the collaborative comic anthology Static Fish, which showcases Pratt student talent in the sequential art field.

Compassionate Pratt

An animal advocacy club open to all students interested in living a cruelty-free lifestyle or learning more about it.

DIG (Diversity Initiatives Group)

A community of PSPD students, faculty, and staff working for more just and equitable cities through the deeper integration and understanding of diversity issues in urban planning.

Drawing Club

Students interested in drawing and sketching.


To raise awareness and improve on sustainability issues concerning the Pratt community.

Film Cult

Dedicated to creating an environment outside of the classroom for those interested in both the creation and viewing of film and videos of all kinds.

Jewelry Club

Provides a forum and creates discussion and inspiration for jewelry outside of class.

Latin American Architecture Lab

To provide an on-going community for research and design exploration about Latin American Architecture and its influence on world architectural views.

LEAP (Leaders for Environmental Advocacy at Pratt)

An organization of graduate students focused on furthering the cause of sustainable solutions to social issues in NYC and beyond.

Painting Club

Support the painting community on campus.

Pratt Cosplay

The purpose of Pratt Cosplay is to create a community on campus for cosplayers to meet, share their skills, and work together.

Pratt Feminists  

We aim to create a clear culture of “consent” on Pratt campus, connect students with resources, empower survivors and educate anyone.

Pratt Game Lab

A space for students to learn and create game projects and to foster a community for all advocates of game design.

Pratt Gaming Club

Seeks to establish a video gaming community at Pratt Institute.

Pratt Music Club

Form a community of musicians at Pratt Institute.

Pratt Photo League

Engage students that are interested in photography outside of the classroom.

Pratt Tabletop Gaming Club

Provide a space for students to come together and play tabletop games, and create a close community of tabletop gamers at Pratt.

Reef Club

To function as a student organization dedicated to building appreciation and knowledge of marine life

SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee)

A group of students working to enhance the total student-athlete experience and the student-athlete’s interaction with the Pratt community, while acting as a voice on behalf of the student-athlete before the athletics department, the Pratt campus, and athletics conference.

Weightlifting Club

Provides a positive environment for the promotion of personal, social, physical, and mental development through strength training.

Professional and Academic

Professional and Academic clubs and organizations at Pratt are efforts initiated by students to further the learning outside of class in major specific clubs. All clubs with an association with a major are open to all students. Some groups are associated with a national organization and will require students to pay dues.


The professional association for design.

Art and Design Education Club

An organization for artists and educators.

ASIS&T (American Society of Information Science & Technology)

A forum for SILS students interested in the study of information science and technology.


Journal of Art and Design History.

Chinese Fashion Club

Celebrate Chinese fashion and support Chinese fashion design students at Pratt.

ComD Agency

ComD Agency creates dialogue between ComD students and top Art Directors through lectures, portfolio reviews, studio tours, and other events.

Fashion Society

Students learn about the fashion industry though meeting professionals and having events, such as the annual fashion show.

Founders Entrepreneurship Club

Creates a platform for entrepreneurially minded students to thrive.

Graduate ComD

Organization of student communication and special events for the Graduate Communications Design Program.

History of Art and Design Student Association

Aiming to develop and support current and future leaders in the art historical field.

Integrated Practices Collective

Promotes a multi-media interdisciplinary approach to art making.

Keyframe Animation Club

Open to anyone interested in being part of an animation community at Pratt.

PAL (Pratt Artist's League)

A group of Pratt graduate students in Fine Arts joining together to improve the social and professional lives of all artists in the Pratt community.

Pratt Historical Preservation Organization

Pratt students and alumni further their interests in preservation through events and activities.

PIPSA (Pratt Institute Planning Student Association)

Brings together city and regional planning students to deepen their education and understanding of the field of planning and to further their professional goals.

Pratt Do_ (Pratt IDSA Student Chapter)

Do_ is Pratt Institute’s official student chapter of IDSA. Do_ is run entirely by ID students and exists as a bridge between the Industrial Design department and the department's student body.

Pratt Print Club

Brings together undergraduate and graduate printmakers of all mediums to stimulate awareness and discussion of contemporary printmaking.

SAA (Society of American Archivists)

Collaborative forum for graduate students at Pratt Institute's School of Information and Library Science.

Sculpture Club

Seeks to further sculpture education through providing talks, field trips, and events relating to sculpture outside of the traditional classroom setting.

SIDE (Student International Design Efforts)

A student group focused on the designing, fundraising and building of projects in impoverished communities around the world.

SISA (School of Information Student Association)

Promotes professional development in the field of library of information science through networking, trips, speakers, symposia, and other student activities.

Special Libraries Association

Connects students to areas of special collections and special interests within the wider field of librarianship.


Serves as a meeting place to learn about and discuss topics related to the User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture (IA) professions.

Religious and Spiritual

The groups listed here are student run and cultivate the religious and spiritual side of the Pratt students. All are welcome to join.

Art Faith Collective

An open community for Christians and spiritual seekers at Pratt.


Caters to students from all different Jewish backgrounds; its purpose is to provide Judaic cultural and religious support to students. Anyone from a Jewish background, or interested in Judaism is invited to join.

Newman Club

Pratt's Catholic student association. This group welcomes all students for social events, as well as discussions of Catholicism and other religions.

Remnant Christian Fellowship

The goal of Remnant Christian Fellowship (RCF) is to grow its members in deepening their faith in accordance to the Reformed Tradition and build stronger fellowship relationships with one another.

Student Media

Pratt has multiple student media groups through which students can use their art and explore new mediums. If you are interested in being a part of a student media group, feel free to contact them at any time.

Pratt Radio - WPIR

Pratt Radio is a student-run internet radio station that broadcasts 24/7 on the web. Playing every genre of music under the sun and dishing out the latest updates in news, from school-wide facts to international late breaking news, Pratt Radio is the finger on the pulse of student life, taste, and culture. Contact us at

The Prattler

The Prattler is Pratt's student magazine. Everything from newsletter articles, art reviews, concerts and events can be found in our publication, which usually comes out the first Monday of the month. Questions about The Prattler should be directed to

Static Fish

Static Fish was established over 20 years ago and is Pratt's oldest comic book publication. For more information, contact


For over thirty years, Ubiquitous has been Pratt's student-run literary and art magazine. We publish one issue each semester and accept submissions from current Pratt students in all genres of art and writing. To send us your work, email Visit our Facebook page for more information.