Who do I report student conduct issues to?

Academic integrity problems (e.g., cheating or plagiarism) should be reported to the Registrar; other student conduct and behavioral issues (absenteeism, mental illness, signs of abuse or self-mutilation, substance abuse, disruptive behavior) are handled by the Student Conduct Office or the Health and Counseling Department in the Student Affairs Division. Contact the Student Conduct Office for conduct issues and the Health and Counseling Department for other behavioral issues and your department chair. Behavior problems should be handled by this process instead of independently in order to form a more complete record of situations and their history. The Student Affairs Office can also provide access to the broad scope of assistance available on campus. You are encouraged to consult with the Vice President or her Assistant in all of these matters. They can refer you appropriately or give you suggestions for the appropriate course of action.

A student has shared concerns with me regarding a class or situation they are in. How can I help them?

The Student Affairs office is responsible for adjudicating judicial matters, resolving student human rights complaints, and providing oversight for policies and procedures relating to student rights and responsibilities. We can work with the student to resolve the issue either through a formal proceeding if the situation is severe, or by working with a faculty member, office, or other students to resolve the problem. Faculty are also encouraged to consult with student affairs staff about student behavior. You can make a report to our Assessment and Care Team (ACT) by either calling 718.636.3639 or through our online reporting system gethelp.pratt.edu

A student wants to withdraw or has withdrawn from my class or school and is looking for financial relief?

The Vice President for Student Affairs chairs the Institute Financial Appeals Committee. Students in this type of a situation should be referred to the Administrative Assistant in the Student Affairs Office. Relief is only granted if there is a sudden and severe reason for the withdrawal. Please note that students with health-related reasons for withdrawal are expected to utilize Pratt's tuition insurance and will therefore not be eligible for a financial appeal.

My students would like to start a new campus club. Where do I start?

The Student Involvement Office can provide guidance on how to make this happen, and describe your options for funding the club and special events your students would like to organize. More information is available on the Student Involvement website.

Please refer to the faculty handbook for the following:

  • STUDENT CONDUCT PROCESS FOR STUDENTS; Excerpted from the pamphlet “Student Conduct,”
  • Academic Integrity Code and the Pratt Student Conduct Process
  • How are Academic Integrity Cases Handled?
  • What Are the Penalties in These Kinds of Cases?
  • How does the Academic Conduct Appeal Process Work?
  • PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY; excerpted from the Pratt Student Handbook
  • FERPA—STUDENT RIGHT TO PRIVACY REMINDER: Students are guaranteed privacy by federal law. Grades are not permitted to be posted in any format.