United States Immigration law places responsibility upon the individual student to know and follow all relevant immigration regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations may have very severe consequences for your ability to study, seek employment, or even remain in the United States. Please refer to the list below and contact the OIA regarding any questions you may have regarding the same.

CSSA (Pratt Chinese Students and Scholars Association)

CSSA is an embassy recognized and funded organization which serves as the home base for Chinese Students, alumni, and anyone who is interested in Chinese culture. We provide orientation for new accepted students and host social events (Dinner, Party, Social etc.) at major Chinese holidays. Besides providing cross school social platform to all Chinese students in NYC area, we also organize career related presentations on campus such as informations regarding Chinese working in the states, as well as career opportunities in China. Please follow us on www.facebook.com/PRATTCSSA.  President: Shoumian Xue, sxue@pratt.edu

PISA (Pratt International Student Association)

PISA exemplifies multiculturalism, in fostering friendships and cultural learning throughout the student body while striving to spread culture between international students, domestic students, and the community. Through this sharing of culture, we hope to make international students feel more at home, while also providing insight into what cultures exist beyond the shores of Brooklyn. Open to both international and domestic students; come help globalize Pratt with the wonders of this diverse world and community. President: Allison Batty, abatty@pratt.edu

PKSA (Pratt Korean Student Association)

The Korean-American student community (Pratt Korean Student Association) has been developed to further enhance the communication between the newly accepted students who choose to further extend their knowledge at Pratt, the Pratt Alumni network, and those returning. prattksa@gmail.com