New Students

Immigration Laws and Regulations // for Check-In
New Student FAQ
Student Data Sheet // for Check-In
Transfer Forms // for students who studied in the U.S. before Pratt
F Visa Application Process

Continuing Students

Change of Address // must notify OIA within 10 days if you have moved
Exception to Full Course // for part time students
Program Extension
Reinstatement // only if you have failed to maintain F-1 status
Social Security Instructions // how to apply for your Social Security Number (SSN)
Sample Graduation Invitation Letter // sample letter for you to invite someone to your graduation ceremony

Employment Forms for Continuing Students

Curricular Practical Training // instructions on how to apply for CPT
Pre-Completion OPT Forms // Pratt forms to complete for Pre-Completion OPT 
Post-Completion OPT Forms // Pratt forms to complete for Post-Completion OPT
I-765 Application // for all OPT applications
OPT Employment Reporting Info // to report your OPT employment, complete this and email to OIA
Travel Documents for Optional Practical Training // advice for traveling on OPT (coming soon!)
Form I-983 // for STEM OPT Extension application only
J-1 Academic Training

Leaving Pratt

Leave of Absence Form
Student Exit Form // Pratt OIA form

Returning to Pratt

Readmission Form // application for readmission to Pratt
Returning After LOA