Temporary medical conditions such as injuries, surgeries, or acute illnesses do not legally qualify as disabilities and are not covered under federal disability laws. However, being seriously incapacitated can create a host of practical and emotional consequences. The Learning/Access Center (L/AC) can support students experiencing temporary conditions with navigating issues such as campus access, speaking with professors, attendance, and completing assignments/exams.

Additionally, discussing the situation with a counselor can help you sort out your feelings and decide what is best for you. The L/AC has Learning Specialists on staff who can meet with students to help address their specific needs. Additionally, the L/AC works closely with Pratt’s Counseling Office in ensuring students are supported emotionally while dealing with temporary conditions.

Please contact the L/AC at 718.802.3123 or LAC@pratt.edu to schedule an appointment to get help with a temporary condition.

Documentation of Temporary Medical Condition

Having the proper documentation can make getting help with a temporary condition easier. Please plan to obtain a dated letter from your medical provider describing your condition, including the duration and limitations of your condition, and bring it to your appointment at the L/AC.