Students who identify as having any type of disability are entitled and encouraged to enroll with the Learning/Access Center in order to determine and implement reasonable accommodations.

Once a student has decided to enroll with the L/AC, the first step is to contact us to schedule an introduction appointment with an L/AC advisor to discuss next steps for enrollment, as well as documentation requirements. You can contact us at or 718.802.3123 to schedule this appointment.

Then, during the enrollment appointment, you will meet with an L/AC advisor, who will answer your questions and who will work with you to identify barriers and set up accommodations, including notifying your professors (with your permission). For Housing and Dining accommodations, there are additional procedures that will be discussed as needed.

Once accommodations have been determined, the student can give permission for the L/AC to notify professors and relevant offices. After obtaining the student’s permission, the L/AC will email the Faculty Notification Letter (FNL), which outlines the student’s approved accommodations, to the student’s faculty, academic advisor, and department chair. The L/AC will then work with students and faculty as needed to implement the approved accommodations.

If you are at all unsure about next steps for enrolling with the L/AC, please contact us at or 718.802.3123. We look forward to working with you!