As a member of the Pratt Institute faculty or administration, you may become concerned about a student during the course of a semester and wish to refer them to appropriate support services. There is information about what to do in this situation on the Assessment and Care Team page. There are additional resources on the Counseling Center page.

Referring Students to the Learning/Access Center

If you are concerned about a student who is struggling academically, you can refer them to the L/AC for help. You can also refer students to the L/AC when an accommodation has been requested but the student does not have an official accommodation letter (known as a Faculty Notification Letter or FNL) from the L/AC. In this situation, rather than accepting documentation of disability directly from a student, refer them to the L/AC to officially enroll and formally request accommodations. In addition to determining and establishing appropriate accommodations, the L/AC can provide additional support services that may be beneficial to the student’s success.

If you would like to discuss a student concern or other disability-related issues, please contact us at 718.802.3123 or

Additional Helpful Resources

Center for Teaching and Learning: 718.687.5355,

The Counseling Center: 718.687.5356,

Senior Student Advocate & Care Coordinator: 718.399.4546,

Health Services: 718.399.4544,

Title IX Office:  718.636.3639,