Health Services

Student Health Insurance

You may enroll in or waive the student health insurance offered by Pratt. For more information visit Student Health Insurance.

Location, Hours, and Appointments

The Health Center is located on the first floor of Willoughby Hall.

Pratt Health Services is open for limited in-person services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our dedicated staff will continue to provide our students with excellent care, albeit in a non-traditional way.

For appointments, students may request a virtual appointment by calling 718.399.4542 or emailing In-person appointments will be assigned at the discretion of a healthcare provider. Students should make sure that they have set up their health portal at We will resume self-serve portal appointments once it is feasible to do so. Students needing urgent care should attempt to notify the Health Center of their situation so our staff can render care safely and expediently.

Students who make in-person appointments with Health Services will need to meet all the Pratt mandated requirements for entry on campus, including signing the social contract and providing negative COVID-19 testing results. You can find more information on returning to campus on the Back to Pratt website.

If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, please visit our suicide resources page.

Warning on Synthetic Marijuana (K2) from the NYC Department of Health

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