Stop, Think, Breathe App LogoStop, Think, Breathe

Calm worry by becoming more mindful and  compassionate. Check in daily to track your progress and feel the calm.



Panic App LogoPanic

Learn about anxiety and panic attacks and how to get through them.


Anxiety in Order App LogoAnxiety In Order

Just breathe.



Relax Melodies App LogoRelax Melodies

Fall asleep or just relax to soothing melodies that you can customize for your zzzz’s.



Simply Yoga App LogoSimply Yoga

Contains 20‐, 40‐, and 60‐minute yoga routines.


I Am App LogoI Am

Daily affirmations to build self‐esteem, change negative thought patterns, and empower you to achieve your dreams.

Thankful App LogoThankful

Reminders of thankfulness and a place for you to journal your grattitude.