Esther Lloyd-Jones Hall interior
(option for new transfer students and new first-year students 21 years of age and older)

Esther Lloyd-Jones Hall (ELJ) is named for a trendsetter in modern American higher education. ELJ accommodates a total of 110 students in suite-style apartments of single and double occupancy rooms.  Economy singles are single occupancy rooms that offer more space, less privacy, and a lower cost than a private single. 

Each ELJ apartment is either a double room with its own bathroom, a suite of two to four single rooms sharing one bathroom, or one economy single and one private single, sharing a bathroom.  Suites are single sex, but floors are coed. Rooms vary in size from 11' x 16' to 12'x 18'.

Students are responsible for the healthy upkeep of their rooms, including shared suite bathrooms. ELJ is closed for the summer months.

Students in ELJ are required to be on a mandatory meal plan.

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Esther Lloyd-Jones Hall

Esther Lloyd-Jones Hall

ELJ First Floor - Plan

ELJ 1st Floorplan

ELJ 2nd Floor - Plan

ELJ 2nd Floorplan

ELJ 3-6 Floor - Plan

ELJ 3rd to 6th Floorplan