Updated 3.22.2021

As we continue to grapple with the impact of the pandemic, we are working hard on a plan to open the residence halls for the Fall 2021 semester. To build on the success of maintaining a low risk residence hall environment, our plan maintains a de-densified approach (no triple occupancy rooms, limited double occupancy rooms in upper class halls and limited occupancies on each floor in first year halls). 

In the meantime, in order to be ready for these decisions and to plan as best as possible for Fall housing, we will be proceeding with the room selection process according to the following procedures.

New students preferences application submission: Currently all deposited new students have access to the housing preferences application. Shortly after making an admissions deposit, students are emailed a link to complete the application. We plan on housing all new first year students in double occupancy rooms but plan to limit the number of rooms available on each floor. We hope to have assignments finalized in July. New Transfer and New Graduate students will be housed in Willoughby and the Townhouses.

Returning Students Room Selection: We are set to begin our returning students room selection process in April. Similar to last year, this virtual process will include the traditional grouping for doubles and double/doubles and will include more single and semi-private single room options available to students. Room options for returning students are doubles and singles in Willoughby Hall and single spaces in the Townhouses. As always, grouping for singles will also be available in the Townhouses. We hope to know soon whether Grand Avenue and ELJ can be added to the list of options.

Sophomore Community: In an effort to help make the transition to campus more comfortable and intentional, we will be offering all current first year students the opportunity to apply for housing with preferences (roommate preferences, lifestyle preferences) to a block of rooms in Willoughby Hall.

Social Contract/Testing/Arrival Quarantines: We will have an updated Social Contract that all students will need to agree to uphold. It will include details of testing, pre/post-arrival quarantines and the like. Some adjustments and changes may need to happen, as what is accurate today may not be accurate in August.

For more detail about all of the above, visit our housing pages at www.pratt.edu/roomselection and by regularly checking your @pratt.edu email!

All continuing students who fully participate in the room selection process will be guaranteed housing.

All students who made deposits as either a student participating in last year’s room selection OR made a housing deposit as a new student for FA 2020 will not need to make a new deposit.

Residential Life and Housing hopes that the following pages will give you a better understanding of the kinds of services we provide for our students living on campus. Pratt Institute maintains six residence halls and 26 Townhouses accommodating over 1,900 students.

The mission of Residential Life and Housing is to efficiently and effectively administer a housing program in a learning centered environment that challenges and supports students to:

  • Enhance self-understanding
  • Value community responsibility
  • Learn from their experiences

We hope the resources provided here will help you make the most of your on campus experience. When in doubt you can always turn to your RA, your RD or any of the staff in the main office in 105 of Willoughby Hall.


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For assistance and inquiries, please contact our main office directly.

OFFICE LOCATION: Willoughby Hall Room 105 | EMAIL: ResLife@pratt.edu | PHONE: 718.399.4551



Christopher Kasik, Director of Housing and Residential Life | EMAIL: ckasik@pratt.edu
Katherine Hale, Associate Director for Residential Life and Housing | EMAIL: khale@pratt.edu
Tuan Vu, Associate Director for Housing Administration and Operations | EMAIL: tuanvu@pratt.edu
Jason LeConey, Assistant Director of Housing | EMAIL: jleconey@pratt.edu
Christopher Ruggieri, Assistant Director of Residential Life | EMAIL: cruggier@pratt.edu
Kianna Sneed, Assistant Director of Residential Life | EMAIL: kthoma18@pratt.edu
Alec Alabado, Administrative Clerk


Alex Monroe, Hall Director of Willoughby Hall | EMAIL: amonroe@pratt.edu
Gabby Colageo, Hall Director & Covid Coordinator | EMAIL: gcolageo@pratt.edu

For a full Staff Directory, including our Resident Advisors, visit our Intranet page.