Residential Life and Housing Cancellation Information


Updated 12.7.2020

For our limited Spring 2021 On Campus Housing contracts, the Cancellation Penalty Schedule has been updated:

  • Prior to December 11 (or one week after assignment email is sent, whichever is later)):  NO PENALTY

  • December 12- December 19: $1000 penalty
  • December 20 -  January 15: 25% of semester rent penalty

  • NO SHOWS at move in will be assessed a penalty of 25% of semester rent penalty

  • January 16 -  February 1: 50% of semester rent penalty

  • February 2 - Feb 15: 75% of semester rent penalty

  • NO REFUNDS of housing after February 15

  • ANY student dismissed or suspended from the Residence Halls for conduct reasons will not received any refund

  • Students who go on Pratt approved Leave of Absence for Medical Reasons will be prorated housing cost from the day of move in to the day of move out

  • Students who go on a Leave of Absence other than medical will be assessed the penalty as per the above schedule. 

  • Special circumstances will be evaluated individually by the Financial Appeals Committee who can make exceptions to any of the above

Weekly News

We will be sending assigned students weekly updates with more specific information about life on campus; it is critical to check your Pratt email to stay informed. Additionally, there will be a building-wide meeting for all residents on Wednesday, December 16th at 6pm EST - stay tuned for more details.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Update July 27, 2020:

Due to the Residence Halls closure for the Fall semester, students’ assignments are being cancelled for the Fall and automatically moved to the Spring 2021 semester.  If that doesn’t meet a student’s need, they can choose to:

To affect a cancel, go to myPratt>My Profile>Residence Life Housing Application and click the Housing Cancellation link.  There is no cancellation penalty for FA 2020 applied in any circumstance. Spring 2021 cancellations will follow the published schedule, starting in November.

Update July 2, 2020:

To help meet the ever-changing needs of students as they make the decision to return to the residence halls for in-person instruction, we have updated the already updated cancellation penalty schedule as follows:

Prior to August 1, 2020: No penalty
August 1 – Sept 1:  50% of semester rent penalty
Sept 2 – Oct 1: 75% of semester rent penalty
After Oct 1:  No refund

The above is in effect if we do open to students and in-person instruction, subject to local, state and federal mandates.  We hope it eliminates one financial hurdle in cancelling housing and going to an all online format.

Update May 28, 2020:

The Pratt administration is still determining what format course instruction and campus housing will take in the Fall. We are still hoping that we can reopen the residence halls in August. However, given the current and ever-changing situation, we have adjusted the cancellation penalties for the upcoming semester. 

Our goal is to support students for an eventual return to on-campus housing, understanding even if the Pratt residence halls open in August, some students may not be able to return to classes or on-campus housing because of on-going travel restrictions, visa issues and/or personal physical or mental health issues or concerns.  As a result, the following options have been added to our cancellation policy:

  • Continuing students who are unable to enroll for the Fall 2020 Semester due to the impact of COVID-19 will not be penalized for deferring their application forward to when they can return to school.  When cancelling, students should note the specific COVID-19 impact.  To preserve your ability to re-enroll in Pratt, students in this situation should file a Leave of Absence (LOA) form with the Registrar.

  • New students who are unable to enroll for the Fall 2020 Semester due to the impact of COVID-19 will not be penalized for deferring their application forward to a semester when they can enroll at Pratt. When cancelling, students should note the specific COVID-19 impact.  Students in this situation will also need to arrange to defer their enrollment.

    Link for an undergraduate student deferral

    Link for a graduate student deferral

  • The penalties for cancelling housing will still be charged to students who are taking a leave of absence but it will be credited to the student’s account when they return to housing.

  • The penalties imposed on students who permanently withdraw from Pratt or on-campus housing will have cancellation penalties charged to their student account.

Decisions about penalties for cancelling housing can be appealed to the campus Financial Appeals Committee.

Please note that the above policy changes assume the residence halls will be open for the Fall 2020 Semester and that classes will be held on the Pratt campus. IF that changes, the cancellation schedules will be revised and students will not be penalized for cancelling their housing.

Residential Life and Housing hopes that the following pages will give you a better understanding of the kinds of services we provide for our students living on campus. Pratt Institute maintains six residence halls and 26 Townhouses accommodating over 1,900 students.

The mission of Residential Life and Housing is to efficiently and effectively administer a housing program in a learning centered environment that challenges and supports students to:

  • Enhance self-understanding
  • Value community responsibility
  • Learn from their experiences

We hope the resources provided here will help you make the most of your on campus experience. When in doubt you can always turn to your RA, your RD or any of the staff in the main office in 105 of Willoughby Hall.


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For assistance and inquiries, please contact our main office directly:


Willoughby Hall Room 105 | | 718.399.4551


Christopher Kasik, Director of Housing and Residential Life |
Katherine Hale, Associate Director for Residential Life and Housing |
Tuan Vu, Associate Director for Housing Administration and Operations |
Jason LeConey, Assistant Director of Housing |
Christopher Ruggieri, Assistant Director of Residential Life |
Kianna Sneed, Assistant Director of Residential Life |
Lillian Jennas, Administrative Assistant
Alec Alabado, Administrative Clerk


Gabby Colageo, Hall Director of Emerson Place & Grand Avenue |
Alex Monroe, Hall Director of Willoughby Hall | EMAIL:
TBD, Resident Director of Pantas Hall & ELJ | EMAIL:
TBD, Resident Director of Stabile Hall & The Townhouses | EMAIL:


For a full Staff Directory, including our Resident Advisors, visit our Intranet page.