New students and families gather for the President's Welcome on move in day. (by Samuel Stuart)

New student orientation is an exciting time at Pratt. Whether you are a first year student, a graduate student on either campus, or a transfer/MWP relocation student, we have a comprehensive program for you. During your orientation, you'll get tons of valuable information and meet other new students. 

We will be hosting an in person orientation in January 2022.  Here are some important dates:


  • Residence Hall move in day - January 13th

  • Orientation - January 14th

  • First day of class - January 18th


Please feel free to email us ( with any questions you have about coming to Pratt. 

Instagram:  @prattorientation
Facebook: Click here
Orientation on the Engage portal ( and enter your OneKey)
If you are a parent or family member looking for resources, go here.

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