Pratt offers students the ability to register for an internship course and earn academic credit. 

What is an Internship?

An internship is a semester-long position with an off-campus employer that is conducted at the workplace. The emphasis of the overall experience is on education and training. It is related to a major or career goal and designed to provide exposure to the workplace or industry. An internship is conducted as a partnership between a student, Pratt Institute, and the employer.

Typical Characteristics of an Internship
  • Set and agreed upon time limitations, goals, outcomes, and expectations for both the student intern and the internship employer
  • A semester-long position that adheres to Pratt Institute’s academic calendar and deadlines, but can vary in the number of hours required
  • Students are responsible for researching, applying, and securing an internship placement
Who is my internship site supervisor?

An employee of the company who supervises you at the workplace. Your site supervisor completes all assessments and evaluations on your performance as an intern. The Internship Site Supervisor is a professional in the field relevant to your area of study or professional pursuits.

Who is my internship faculty?

The faculty member who teaches and coordinates the internship course you are registered for is your internship faculty. Your faculty reviews and guides your progress in the internship, and submits grades based on evaluations submitted by the employer and other work completed in the course. See list of internship faculty by department and course at the end of the Academic Internship Guide

Are there paid internships?

Yes. A paid internship can be for academic credit or not for credit.

Are there unpaid Internships?

Yes. Any internship that does not provide an hourly wage as compensation is considered unpaid. This excludes non-profit organizations, which can offer opportunities similar to an internship in the form of a volunteer experience that provides educational value.  For-profit companies can only offer an unpaid internship if they adhere to the Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Many companies, in trying to align with the Fair Labor Standards Act, will require a Pratt student to be registered for academic credit. For many companies, this will also require proof of enrollment or formal acknowledgement from Pratt Institute to verify the student will receive credit for the internship if it is unpaid. At Pratt Institute, only the Center for Career and Professional Development is allowed to provide an employer with a student’s letter of proof for an internship.

What is a compensation bearing internship?

A compensation bearing internship offers some kind of benefit, but not an hourly wage. Such compensation can take the form of stipends for travel or meals, Metro cards for transportation, or a fellowship. This is not the same as a paid internship. Compensation bearing internships can be taken for academic credit.

Can I do an international internship?

An international internship is an opportunity outside the U.S.  The process to set up an international internship is different from a domestic internship and requires advanced planning, especially to obtain proper Visa processing. It is recommended that students begin the process of setting up an international internship at least one semester prior to the term in which the internship is to be conducted. Students who wish to pursue an international internship must make an appointment with Karen Cover in the Center for Career and Professional Development by calling 718.636.3506.