Students on Pratt campus

Internships at Pratt are a hands-on educational opportunity designed to provide students experience in and exposure to a typical employment environment. Each institution has a slightly different model for its internship program. At Pratt, students are encouraged to take one or more internships and view these as an integral part of their education. Some departments require their students to participate in an internship for academic credit.

While the Internship Program at Pratt is a decentralized process with academic departments administering registration and courses for its students, the CCPD does provide verification of student enrollment for employers who require documentation. The CCPD also provide guidance for students in identifying internship resources and connecting students with internship employers through networking and recruiting events year-round.

Whether you choose to take an internship for credit or not, every student should watch the Internship Orientation video to receive thorough information about Pratt’s Internship program, advice about the kinds of internships students can consider taking, and guidance on formulating a plan for getting the right internship.

Every student’s internship search should start on Pratt Pro. Students can search opportunities posted by employers interested in hiring Pratt interns.