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Back to Pratt: I am a student (international or domestic), faculty, or staff member who will not be fully vaccinated until I arrive in New York. What steps should I take?


Students, faculty, or staff members who cannot be vaccinated before arriving in New York, or who have only received one dose of a two-dose vaccine, or who have not met the requirements of full vaccination, must follow these guidelines:

  • It is recommended that you take a COVID-19 rapid test before and after travel and before arriving on campus.
  • Participate in weekly COVID-19 testing until fully vaccinated. After the initial test is completed prior to arrival, ongoing COVID-19 testing will be provided by Pratt at no cost. Detailed instructions on weekly testing are available on Back to Pratt.
  • Have the first vaccine dose within the first week of the semester (or arrival in the residence halls) and submit proof using your OneKey ID. Those waiting for a second dose must schedule an appointment as soon as possible based on their individual dose regimen.