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Back to Pratt: Important Changes to Campus Access through the End of Semester (May 3, 2022)


Campus Safety & Preparedness
Communications and Marketing
Human Resources

From: Dennis Mazone and Steve Riccobono
Subject:  Important Changes to Campus Access through the End of Semester
Date: May 3, 2022

Dear Pratt community,

Pratt’s senior administration and the members of the Post-Pandemic Remobilization Operations Task Force (PPRO) are pleased to announce several important changes to campus access for the rest of the semester. 

No Digital ID at Brooklyn Campus Entrances
Effective Saturday, May 7, 2022, you will no longer be required to display your digital or physical ID to access the main Brooklyn campus through the entrances at Hall Street and 200 Willoughby Avenue. This will allow everyone, including our neighbors, to access the Brooklyn campus grounds freely.

Masks and Building Access
Masking will continue to be required indoors, and access to all Pratt buildings will be restricted to Pratt students, faculty, and staff members, and their approved visitors. All building entrances will display signage with this information.  

Swipe Access
As required before the pandemic, community members will still need to swipe their physical Pratt ID card at the following locations: 

  • Turnstiles to access main Brooklyn campus 
  • Myrtle Hall 
  • Higgins Hall 
  • Design Center 
  • Library 
  • ARC (during events)
  • Cannoneer Court and Main Building studios 
  • Residence halls 
  • Pfizer studios
  • Pratt Manhattan entrance 

Visitors and Pre-Registration
Necessary requirements are still in place for visitors to our residence halls and facilities.

  • Residence Halls: Visitors to the residence halls will still be required to be pre-registered through the day pass system and to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination for access. 
  • Guests of Faculty and Staff: Faculty and staff are permitted to have on-campus guests for meetings, interviews, and critiques. All visitors and guests are still required to be pre-registered and entered into the Public Safety Department’s Cleared for Campus Access System. Upon arrival, proof of COVID-19 vaccination and photo ID will be required. At this time, students are not permitted to have external guests in academic buildings and studio spaces, unless pre-approved by a faculty member or department chair.  
  • On-Campus Events: All attendees, internal and external, are still required to pre-register for on-campus events via Eventbrite. At the event location entrance, Pratt community members are required to show their digital ID with the green “Cleared” icon visible. External guests are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination and a photo ID.

Going Forward
Given the rapid changes we’ve experienced throughout the pandemic, we realize these guidelines could change at any moment, and as administrators and as a community, we will be ready to change direction, as needed. However, we hope that, with community-wide cooperation and thoughtful adherence to safety measures, we will be able to enjoy the above changes to access through all of our year-end events and celebrations. 

As always, be mindful of your responsibilities to one another as the pandemic continues, and watch for a new email update from Back to Pratt each Friday.


Dennis Mazone, Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety and Preparedness
Steve Riccobono, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources