Anushritha Yernool Sunil, MID ‘22 and Archana Ravi, MS Information Experience Design ‘21

Debera Johnson

School of Design, Industrial Design

Sonic Bloom is a soundscape that helps plant owners understand the status of a plant’s health by creating an efficient monitoring system. Using the internet of things, the soundscape behaves as an interface stimulating a deep connection between the plants and their owners.

The soil moisture value and light condition are captured by sensors and converted into a soundscape using a programmed circuit. The sounds produced are based on the acoustics of emotions.

examples of the different features of the app, including the on/off function and colorways to show current plant health
User experience features

An app further enables the customization of these sounds and creates a database for plant owners. This aural feature gives the plants a human-like quality and improves the interaction with and understanding of the natural environment.

Infographic of the cyclical relationship between plant, app, soundscape, and user
Sonic Bloom system diagram