The School of Continuing and Professional Studies supports research through workshops for creative professionals that can enhance both their work and personal lives, giving strategies for mindfulness as well as how to continue teaching and sharing information in a post-pandemic world. 

Group of 12 participants on a zoom call

Mindfulness Collaboratory: Using Contemplative Collectives to Foster Adaptive Change in a Time of Adversity and to Promote Workforce Development in the Creative Economy

Rhonda Schaller and Esmilda Hornbostel-Abreu

School of Continuing Education and Professional Studies

Seed Grant 2019-2020

The Mindfulness Collaboratory will look at contemplative practices, including mindfulness and meditation, sitting and walking practices, and formal and informal expressions of self-awareness in order to aid artists and arts leaders in reimagining self and practice, business, and audience during COVID and within post-COVID contexts.

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Person speaking to a group of people

Programming in Three Realms

Anthony Pellino

School of Continuing Education and Professional Studies

Programming in Three Realms is a research project intended to draw upon knowledge obtained through presenting content (information, technical knowledge, narrative, et al.) to a public audience.

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