Projects in the School of Art focus on the fundamental ingredient of community within artistic practice; how it supports, evolves, and communicates the spectrum of our lived experience and its capacity to inspire change and empower us to contribute in making a better world.

group of people seated and standing on fictional dating show, Love Triangle

A Civic Shift

Amy Khoshbin and Dina Weiss

School of Art, Fine Arts

A Civic Shift is a series of performative digital events bringing contemporary artists, grassroots organizers, and NYC City Council candidates into dialogue around pressing sociocultural issues to investigate how our collective imagination can foster progressive change in the time of COVID-19.

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Zoom meeting showing participants from the Fine Arts faculty

Community in Action: Fine Arts Faculty Forum

Dina Weiss and Langdon Graves Amy Khoshbin, Fine Arts Civic Engagement Fellow

School of Art, Fine Arts

After shifting to an online paradigm to deliver our fine arts curriculum last spring, we developed focused faculty forums to prepare for the new landscape of digital learning in the Fall 2020 semester.

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participants on zoom holding up cards to their cameras

Critical Media Labs: Educational Spaces of Media Art Production and Participatory Research

Chloe Smolarski and Tasha Darbes, Pace University

School of Art, Digital Arts

In partnership with Gregorio Luperón High School, a bilingual STEM school in NYC, we are working with students to further understand the role creativity has in supporting immigrant youth in developing new forms of agency.

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Paper drawing next to the finished baked cookies of participant

Impacts of Baking as Art Therapy on Stress and Anxiety in Adults

Jasmine Cho, MPS Art Therapy and Creativity Development ‘22

School of Art, Creative Arts Therapy

In 2019, I conducted an interdisciplinary research study that approached baking as a potential form of art therapy and measured its impacts on stress and anxiety in adults. Anxiety was measured via the State Trait Anxiety Inventory, and we measured stress by collecting saliva samples to analyze cortisol levels. The study showed that both self-reported anxiety and salivary cortisol levels significantly decreased after baking-as-art activities.

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drawings over article on independent voters during the election

Independents Express 2020 Angst in Art

Robert Redding, MFA Painting and Drawing ‘22

School of Art, Fine Arts

As an independent artist, my social practice involves community engagement focusing on gathering feedback resulting from the partisan news treatment of out-group political participants. For independents, this means being able to participate in some states that allow them to identify as third party - Green, Libertarian and beyond.

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the body map reflections of the co-researchers

Reckoning with Whiteness: An Embodied Approach to Exploring Racial Identity Development for Dance/Movement Therapy Students

Katarina Bennicoff Yundt, MS Dance/Movement Therapy ‘21 and Kelsie White, MS Dance/Movement Therapy ‘21

School of Art, Creative Arts Therapy

Reckoning with Whiteness is an arts and action based research study that seeks to further understand the role of white racial identity development as it pertains to the training of anti-oppressive dance/movement therapy students.

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Ink portrait drawn in yellow, red, and orange with matches laid on top

The Third Mind Project

David Gothard, Fine Arts and Rachel Levitsky, Writing

School of Art
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Third Mind project is a joint effort between students in the departments of Fine Arts and Writing. Students in Professor David Gothard’s course "Illustration and Symbolic Imagery" and Professor Rachel Levitsky’s course "Community as Classroom" engaged in a collaborative interdisciplinary project involving both illustrative, sculptural, installation, and written works.

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