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Livio Dimitriu

Adjunct Professor - CCE


Dr. Dimitriu collaborated with Rem Koolhaas/OMA; Peter Eisenman; Colin Rowe; and Simon Gavina/Carlo Scarpa in Bologna, Italy. He founded USA Institute, USA Books, and his own firm in 1978. His projects received gold, silver, and bronze medals, honorable mentions, and citations including AIA NY First Honor Award. He is Prof. Hon. C. “Ion Mincu” Univ. in Bucharest/Romania, Distinguished Hon. Advising Prof. Inje Univ. in Busan/Gimhae, Korea. He taught at 15 universities and lectured on three continents. Was a twice-winner of the Senior Fulbright Scholar National USA Award in Europe (2001-2002) and to Asia (2021-2022). Was member Scientific Committee Olivetti Foundation; founding member of Pamphlet Architecture and of the Island School of Architecture. Founded New York Architects volume series; was Senior Editor for Controspazio, Octogon, Arhitectura,  and Arte Costruita, magazines in Italy and Romania. Published in over 100 magazines internationally. Exhibited at MoMa/NY, Smithsonian Inst./WA/DC, MoMA/Paris, Frankfurt Arch. Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Ministry of Building Affairs / Madrid /Spain, Venice Biennale (1985 and 1987). He juried internationally hundreds of time, including chair of the Busan Arch. and Environmental Design, Colombian Arch. Biennale, New Orleans and WA/DC National Interior Design Awards. His volume Forbidden Tales was published in US, Korean, Romanian, and Chinese editions. Over 200 students under his supervision have won national and international awards.

Ph.D. Theory/History of Arch. with Highest Honors, “Ion Mincu” University, Bucharest/Romania, 2002.

Hon.C. Mastro Arch. Arte della Pietra, Verona/Italy; 1998.

B.Arch., T he Cooper Union, NYC/USA, 1976.

Selected Projects Since 1974:

Urban Design & Architecture: Cefalu / Italy, Gold Medal. 1979; Pavia, Italy, First Prize & Bronze Medal, 1994; Messina / Italy; Badoere / Italy, selected Venice Biennale 1985; Gate for Venice, selected Venice Biennale 1987; 2.5 hectars housing development, Bucharest, Romania. Architecture: Villa, Beach House, Fountain for avant-garde movie maker Abdullah El-Wakil/Egypt, AIA/NY First Award, 1985; Zawia Open Air Mosque, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Mimar Award; Artists Housing, Bank of Boston, Honor Award. 1992; Hawaii Loa College of Performing Arts, 1986, Spring Festival Pavilion, Yokohama/Japan. Community Center, Busan/South Korea; two villas in Bucharest, Romania; Beach Playground in Rio de Janeiro. Historic Brownstones Restorations and Renovations: Fort Greene, Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Interiors/NYC : Over 100 interiors including two Kips Bay Invitationals, and for President/Harvard Univ. and Hollywood actors Eli Wallack and Anne Jackson. Industrial and Exhibition Design: Borden Inc. Exhibition Pavilion @ Chicago Neocon Show / National First Award; Exhibition System for Dentsu Prox/Tokyo, Japan; Furniture  for Knoll-Simon-Gavina/Carlo Scarpa, Bologna, Italy; proposals for Italian and Korean manufacturers. Over 58 exhibition installations including USA Institute Pavilion at Veronafiere/Italy, Columbia Univ. Art Gallery, and Soho galleries Poltrona Frau, Gullans, and Christina Modern.

Selected Publications Since 1977: Volumes; Authorship / Introductions / Projects

2023-2011: Forbidden Tales (Engl., Korean, Romanian, Chinese editions; Community Meets Design /BK21/Busan/Korea; Natural Elements / Arvinius + Orfeus Ed./Norway; Doina Uricariu: Complete Poems / Princeps Ed./Romania; Le Livre de verre / Vinea Ed., Romania; The Glass Book/USA Books.

2010-2000: AKIS/Island; The Magic Mountain / Cierre Ed. / Italy; Architecture: Bodies of Space / USA Books; En plein air / Girondini Ed./Italy; The Axonometric Heart, Universalia Ed. / Romania; Of Architecture and Captive Landscapes/USA Books; The Lost Archipelago: Gover­nors Island, NY, USA Books & Marmor/Italy; Palimpsests of Stone: Piazza Isolo and the Lapidarium Museum at Giulietta’s Tomb, USA Books.

1999-1990: New York Architects, vol.1-3; New York Architecture/Rizzoli+Prestel/Taipei Fine Arts Museum / Ministry of Bldg. Affairs-Madrid, Frankfurt Arch. Museum; Palimpsests of Stone, USA Books; The Angels Factory/Aurora Ed./Italy; Morgan Library and Garden Court/USA Books;  Subversive Insertions: Industrial Archeology/USA Books; Urban Rooms/USA Books; Artificial Paradises: Bridges for Verona, USA Books; Central Park: The Subterfuge of Nature (in Korean), USA Books; Insegnare l’architettura, Tranchida Ed./Milan.

1989-1977: Venice Biennale 1985 & 1987; Architetture per il Terzo Millennio / Olivetti Foundation/Italy; Stairwells / Pamphlet Architecture; Venice Biennale 1985 & 1987; Pamphlet Architecture 1-10/Rizzoli; Alberto Sartoris e il ‘900/Gangemi Ed. / Italy; River of Stone/USA Books; L’Isolato di Messina / MEdinA / Italy; La Casa piu bella del Mondo / Cidas Edizioni / Italy; Mason / Pavan / Roncoletta, Italian Cult. Cntr./NY; Bridging the South Bronx/Nat’l Endow. for the Arts; Case da Vendere / Ready Houses, Spazioarte, Mendrisio+Como, Switzerland+Italy; New Americans, Mayor’s Office/Rome; La Necessita del Progetto, Officina Edizioni/Rome.