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Edward Wendt

Visiting Assistant Professor


Edward Wendt has taught architecture history and theory at Pratt since 2003 while also building his design practice, Now Workshop. Currently he is working on a book-length study of St. George’s Hall in Liverpool that will explore how the building symbolized globalization, imperialism and industrialization, in particular Liverpool’s central role in the cotton industry. He is also working on a series of related public projects in Columbia, SC, that confront the history of slavery and its aftermath. All of this activity grew out of his roundabout education, studying architecture history and mixed-media art as an undergraduate, followed by a short stint in architecture school that segued into a PhD. His dissertation explored the impact of Edmund Burke’s aesthetic theory on British public architecture during the 1800s, showing how Burke’s ideas about the sublime facilitated an aesthetic understanding of the startling, often brutal imagery, buildings and environments of industrialization. The collision of technology, culture, politics and economics that framed this history also animates his work in design.

B.A. Fine Arts and Art History, Princeton University (cum laude); Ph.D., Columbia University.