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Benjamin Goulet-Scott

Visiting Assistant Professor

Headshot of Benjamin Goulet-Scott smiling, wearing grey Champion t-shirt, with a large open field and forest behind him, torso-length image
Let's Botanize

Benjamin Goulet-Scott is a naturalist who has been trained as a plant biologist and artist. He is currently based at Harvard Forest where he works on higher education programs in addition to managing the research laboratory spaces. In March 2022, he completed his Ph.D. in evolutionary biology at Harvard. His doctoral research focused on the evolutionary processes that generate and maintain biodiversity, and included investigations into these phenomena in several species of the wildflower genus Phlox that are native to the southeastern US. His research combined the latest genomic analyses with classic greenhouse and field experiments to learn about evolution in natural populations. Ben is also one half of Let’s Botanize, an educational non-profit dedicated to spreading curiosity and attention towards plant life. He teaches about plant biology and ecology in the Field Ecology series of the Pratt MLA program.

PhD, 2022, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University