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Campus status updates for Saturday, September 30, 2023: Pratt’s Brooklyn Campus: closed | Saturday Art School: closed | Pratt Manhattan Campus: open | The Pfizer Building: open | The Brooklyn Navy Yard: closed

Amir Karimpour

Visiting Assistant Professor


Amir Karimpour is co-founder of Alden Studios, a visual effects company based in New York City, Hong Kong and Queensland. He is also the Creative Director of Walker Vail, a jewelry design studio based in New York City. He currently teaches at the Pratt Institute and the Yale University School of Architecture. His work focuses on visualization and fabrication technologies and their impact on our visual culture and understanding of reality. Mr. Karimpour received a B.Arch from Pratt Institute, an M.Arch from Yale University and an M.Des from Harvard University

Pratt Institute B.Arch 2013
M.Arch Yale University 2015
M.Des Harvard University 2017