Differentiation begins with innovation.

Innovation begins at Pratt.

From sponsoring an event to supporting the development of groundbreaking new products, there are a number of ways that corporations can partner with Pratt and benefit from the Institute's design thinking and new talent to achieve their goals. Pratt has formed mutually-beneficial partnerships with a number of local, national, and international companies, applying design expertise and creative problem-solving to help businesses differentiate themselves in the 21st century marketplace.

Pratt Institute invites you and your business or corporation to form an alliance with one of the nation's largest and most respected art and design schools. If you've been looking for ways to bring a spirit of innovation and a commitment to excellence to your company, consider what Pratt has to offer:

  • Career-ready graduates who combine professional training on state-of-the-art equipment with the breadth of a liberal arts education;
  • Pratt's design research and innovation capabilities;
  • A community of more than 35,000 visually-literate, professionally-active alumni and faculty; and
  • Enhanced visibility for your company.

To learn more about event sponsorships that heightening your company's visibility, sponsored studios and design challenges that give your company access to novel ideas that have led to top-selling products and solutions to major global challenges, and corporate scholarships that provide the means for tomorrow's visionaries to achieve their potential through a Pratt education, contact CorporateRelations@pratt.edu or 718.399.4265.