Corporate Partnerships

The world of business has changed dramatically in recent years. With technology allowing consumers to find products and services around the globe, businesses face even greater challenges differentiating themselves from the competition. Those who succeed have turned to design and design thinking to speak directly to their customers’ needs and desires through new products, new processes, and new approaches to the marketplace.

As one of the world’s preeminent schools for art and design and a pioneer in design thinking, Pratt Institute can offer your company the expertise and approaches to both differentiate and make a difference—to your customers, to your community, and to the world. 

From access to ideas that will differentiate your company, to experience that will allow you to make a difference in the world, Pratt offers you a way to truly stand out.

To learn more about engaging Pratt talent, heightening your company's visibility through event sponsorship, or gaining access to novel ideas that have led to top-selling products and solutions to major global challenges, contact or 718.399.4265.

Research Collaborations

To set your company apart from the competition and win customer loyalty, you need both to differentiate your brand and make a difference in your customers’ lives. Often, that requires some experimentation and risk-taking. By partnering with Pratt, you gain access to design teams that excel at such risk-taking—and whose ideas have led to top-selling products and solutions to major global challenges, in fields ranging from diagnostic medicine to sustainable energy delivery.

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Engage Pratt Talent

Whether you are looking to bring new talent and skills to your team, or wish to tackle an immediate or long-term challenge, you can grow from Pratt’s experience by engaging our students, alumni, and faculty members.  

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Pratt Institute’s high-profile events attract prominent and influential New Yorkers as well as significant press while raising valuable scholarship funds. Pratt’s major annual events include Legends, which honors icons of the art and design world, and the Pratt Fashion Show + Cocktail Benefit, which draws leading members of the fashion industry and press from around the world. In addition, the Institute recently launched Pratt Presents, a curated series of high-profile public programs and events that engage thought leaders and industry experts.