Guide to Online Teaching

Pratt has made changes to our teaching and learning formats.

Pratt has made changes to our teaching and learning formats. These changes are meant to support student completion of the Spring semester while protecting our community through the current unprecedented health crisis. Guidance and online resources are compiled and updated here.

Important guidelines:

  • The student’s privacy is of utmost importance. Only share grades through the Pratt LMS and never by email.
  • Be sure to use your gmail account (not your personal gmail) for all communication. 
  • Attempt to hold synchronous class meetings as much as possible. 
  • Reach out to your chair and find out if your department has any specific recommendations.  If so, be sure to follow those.


  1. Review the steps below to create a plan for conducting your class online, but stay flexible because your plan may have to change.

  2. Communicate with your students.

    First Email

    First send an initial email to your students (we recommend Monday 3/23 or Tuesday 3/24) and let them know that you are working on a plan and will reach out to them again with instructions.

    Sample initial email

    Class Survey

    We suggest that you survey your students about their tech capacity and abilities in your initial email. You should then be prepared to utilize the results of this survey to plan your class appropriately.

    Sample student survey

This guide was created by the Academic Affairs Sub-Committee. Contact us with suggestions, feedback, additions or changes.


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