Posted Tuesday, April 07, 2020 - 1:42 PM

Pratt Daily Hub: A Roundup of Ideas & Projects from around the Institute

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Week of November 30:

  • In the latest issue of Prattfolio, Michele Gorman, adjunct associate professor of undergraduate architecture, gave a 360-degree tour of her remote studio and shared how she adapted her teaching, which ranges from PreCollege to fifth-year Architecture degree project studios: “As a digital architect in higher architectural education at Pratt, I teach photogrammetry, interactive gaming engines, immersive 360 AR and VR platforms, large- and small-scale digital fabrication, and 3-D modeling. Moving my work into my domestic space, I started to find opportunities intersecting these workflows and incorporated them into online teaching.” Read more on the news page(11/30)

  • The New York Times highlighted dancer and choreographer Catie Cuan’s collaboration with the Consortium for Research and Robotics (CRR) at Pratt, which began in the CRR residency program. She developed a dance performance with CRR’s robotic arm, the largest industrial robot for research in New York City. (11/30)

  • In an interview with Fast Company, Edel Rodriguez, BFA Painting ’94, who has been prolific with his satirical illustrations of the Trump administration, including covers for Time, Mother Jones, Época, and Der Spiegel, discussed the power of illustration for social change and where he will go from here: “Many times we make work as illustrators and they’re nice, they’re decorative, like the New Yorker covers. People look at them and they mark a moment, but they don’t become a political poster that you take to a rally. [This project] elevated the idea of what illustration can be and what it can possibly say.” (11/30)

  • In celebration of its 30th anniversary, The Black Alumni of Pratt (BAP) is launching a virtual exhibition that will build on the existing BAP collection in the Pratt Archives. Contributions are welcome at (11/30):

Throughout the Institute, students, faculty, and staff are developing new ideas and solutions during this time of hybrid and remote learning. We are working together to support and foster Pratt’s unique creative community across campus and beyond. The Pratt Daily Hub is an ongoing roundup of some of the exciting initiatives, projects, and plans that are coming together in real time.