Posted Tuesday, April 07, 2020 - 1:42 PM

Pratt Daily Hub: A Roundup of Ideas & Projects from around the Institute

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Week of November 23:

  • Pratt wishes its community a happy Thanksgiving and reminds everyone to promote health and safety as they celebrate! Review the recent communication on Thanksgiving testing and travel for guidance on helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as we enter the holiday season. (11/24)

  • In a short video, Pratt’s Student Government Association (SGA) gives thanks to Public Safety and Facilities for the incredible work that they have done to keep campus open, safe, and clean this semester. (11/24)

  • The recent Pratt Scholars Virtual Panel on “Advocacy in Design: Engagement, Commitment, and Action” is now available to watch online. The discussion considers how in this time of great challenges and ever greater needs, designers can take action and advocate for a larger good. (11/24)

  • Fangming Cai, MFA Interior Design ’21, received the 2020 Silk Matters Gaudi Architecture Prize’s Cultural Interior Award for a project proposing a satellite museum in Williamsburg that would present work from the Brooklyn Museum Luce Center in a design encouraging discovery (11/24):

  • Veronica Pantin, BFA Interior Design ’21, received the 2020 Silk Matters Gaudi Architecture Prize’s Commercial Interior Award for a project using curtain modules in an office space allowing for adaptability and variations (11/24):

  • The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) has been involving students and alumni in a range of online programming. One recent initiative was Talk Now, which was organized by and for the newest Pratt alumni to hear what was happening in their industries first-hand, with a goal of inspiring them to tackle the challenge of beginning a practice during a pandemic. Read more on the news page. (11/23)

  • Michael K. Chen, adjunct associate professor-CCE of undergraduate architecture, and Abigail Coover, adjunct assistant professor of undergraduate architecture, were both interviewed for Architectural Digest’s “6 Easy Ways to Add Activism and Advocacy to Your Design Practice.” Both Chen and Coover are part of the Design Advocates platform  which is empowering design businesses with advocacy, resources, and data for COVID-19 and beyond. Chen said: “The natural inclination for designers is to put the blinders on and focus on our own thing. But there’s a lot of power and potential in these small groups, and there are so many ways to help if you just look up and look around.” (11/23)

  • This Tuesday, November 24, at 8 PM EST, the Mapping Urban Inquiry series presented by the Pratt Disaster Resilience Network, Advanced GIS course, Pratt Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment, and Pratt SAVI continues with a talk by Lucy Block on systemic, procedural, and differential impacts of COVID-19 in New York City. (11/23)

  • Students in the industrial design workshop led by Adjunct Professor-CCE Rebecca Welz were asked to design without hierarchy. Broken into three teams, they created projects where no verbal directions would be given to the participants, with the finished projects ranging from the analog to the digital and involving sound, lighting, and craft. See videos and photographs of the results on @prattindustrial (11/23):

Throughout the Institute, students, faculty, and staff are developing new ideas and solutions during this time of hybrid and remote learning. We are working together to support and foster Pratt’s unique creative community across campus and beyond. The Pratt Daily Hub is an ongoing roundup of some of the exciting initiatives, projects, and plans that are coming together in real time.